5 Bad Habits To Stop In Children

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A lot of parents only pay attention to regular exercise, getting enough sleep and good hand-washing habits to keep their children healthy. However, they often ignore some habits that may also cause health problems.

Here are 5 bad habits of your kids that you need to stop now.

1. Overdosing on sugar

Children are born with a preference for sweet stuff. So there is no surprise that all of them love it. However, overdosing on sugar is one of poor habits to stop to make your kids healthier. Added sugar, including the kind in desserts and sweet snacks, and hidden sugar in foods and beverages like raisins, fruit drinks or soda provide a lot of calories without a lot of nutrition. They are also key causes of cavities.

To break this bad habit, you should keep a limited number of sugary foods in your house so that your kids cannot overdose on them. Healthy snacks that you can feed them include popcorn, cheese, raw vegetables, nuts, gelatin, unsweetened yogurt, chocolate, sugarless gum, etc.


2. Nail biting

Nail biting is another bad habit that many parents quite frequently complain about. It comes and goes in keeping with times of stress, nerves or boredom. It not only looks awful but also leaves your children’s digits battered. This unhealthy habit can even cause bleeding and infection. Therefore, to make your kids stop nail biting, it’s necessary to find out why they are anxious and as well as try to deal with that if possible.


3. Lying

Compared to overdosing on sugar and nail biting, lying is worse. A kid begins to lie when he is around 3 years old. If you don’t tackle this negative behaviour straight away, it will continue in his adulthood. Patience plays an important role in breaking the habit of lying. You need to have a heart to heart talk with your child and explain that it’s a bad thing to be doing. Rewarding him for telling the truth is another effective way to stop it.


4. Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is also among the common habits that kids eventually outgrow on their own. This unpleasant habit usually starts in children at around 18 months and they even suck their fingers, hands or their entire fists in instead of their thumbs. Many do it to calm and comfort themselves but this can cause dental damage and leave older indulgers with a rabbit-like appearance and vulnerable to teasing.


5. Nose picking

Nose picking makes it vile to see. This habit starts young but may actually linger into adulthood. So it is essential to stop it as soon as possible. You need to encourage your kids to use tissues to clear their noses and persist with gentle reminders and rewards.


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5 Bad Habits To Stop In Children

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