5 Effective Ways To Treat Constipation In Toddlers Naturally

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Although constipation in toddlers isn't a sign of any serious disease, no parent wants to watch their kid suffer this problem. So what can you do to help him relieve constipation?

Following are 5 tips that can treat constipation in your toddlers naturally.

1. Increase your toddler’s water intake

Because constipation is caused by a lack of water in the intestine, giving your child plenty of water to drink is a simple and effective way to help him relieve it. He should drink several glasses throughout the day. This will not only help prevent dehydration but also promote regularity. Additionally, water helps dilute the concentration of toxins in the blood and flush out the system. So increasing your kid’s water intake can resolve constipation. What’s more, a toddler suffering from constipation may benefit from extra juice at this time, so fruit juices like apple juice or pear juice are good choices in addition to water.


2. Give your toddler toilet time

Another effective way to prevent constipation in toddlers is toilet training. You should encourage your child to use toilet first thing in the morning or sit on the toilet for 5 to 10 minutes within 30 minutes of each meal every day. However, toilet training can also affect your child emotionally and cause constipation, so you need to make your your child’s learning experience is stress-free and gentle.


3. Give your toddler a massage

There is a yoga position that can help eliminate waste from your child’s system, called Apanasana. To do this exercise, you lay him on his back, hold his legs and gently press his knees toward his chest. This will relieve gas and nourish the abdominal organs to relieve constipation.


4. Change your toddler’s diet

The best way to avoid constipation problems in your toddler is changing your child's diet, making sure he is getting enough fiber. This means loading your kid’s plate with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. The natural fiber in fruits and vegetables makes them ideal for constipation relief, so you should encourage him to eat more apples, apricots, pears, grapes, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc. Besides, whole grain oats, nuts and high-fiber cereals are good fiber choices.


5. Increase your toddler’ activity

Physical activity is a great constipation remedy. It helps regulate your child’s digestive system, making foods move more quickly through the intestines. To prevent and reduce the chances of constipation, you need to increase your kid’s activity an extra 30 minutes a day by taking him for a walk and letting him play outdoors or any activity that helps blood flow to the digestive system.


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5 Effective Ways To Treat Constipation In Toddlers Naturally

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5 Effective Ways To Treat Constipation In Toddlers Naturally

This article was published on 2013/10/08