5 Seemingly Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Acne Breakouts

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Acne is among the most unfortunate things you can have on your skin. It is caused by a number of factors but there is a connection between the foods you’re eating and the condition of your skin. In fact, your diet could be responsible for the appearance of acne. There are some seemingly healthy foods that can cause bad skin.

Following are 5 surprising foods that can trigger acne breakouts.

1. Processed foods

Processed foods are bad for your skin as they can include many preservatives and additives. They also contain other chemicals that are toxic to your body as well as cause allergic reaction. In addition, these foods have high amount of fat and refined sugars, which makes them impossible to digest properly. This can trigger acne outbreaks and cause inflammation. So you should replace processed foods with healthier options such as wholegrain bread, crackers, oats, quinoa and brown rice.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

2. Spinach

Along with process foods, spinach, which seems to be healthy, is another food that trigger acne outbreaks. This leafy vegetable is high in iodine, the only dietary component that can cause breakouts on the skin. Therefore, if you suffer from acne related problems, you should limit spinach intake to have healthy skin.

3. Shrimp

Like spinach, shrimp is rich in iodine that can cause spread of acne on your skin. Plus, this type of shellfish has active allergens, so it also causes breakouts and rashes. You can replace shrimp with omega-3 rich fish such as salmon so that your skin issues can be improved.

4. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a favourite food of many people but it is also the food that can trigger the condition of acne on your skin. It contains oils and fats that clog pores and lead to breakouts. Besides, peanut butter has the natural allergens, so you should avoid this food if your skin is sensitive to these allergens. You can opt for sunbutter or raw almond butter to clear your skin because they are rich in vitamin E.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate can cause your skin some serious grief like sugar. Chocolate contains caffeine, which causes two big problems. Firstly, it stimulates the adrenalin glands to release stress hormones, which is bad for your health and skin. Secondly, caffeine disturbs your sleep, which can worsen the acne on skin. To reduce inflammation and acne, you can eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate because it is lower in sugar and richer in antioxidants.

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5 Seemingly Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Acne Breakouts

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5 Seemingly Healthy Foods That Can Trigger Acne Breakouts

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