7 Foods To Relieve Stress While Driving

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You are planning to travel far from your home? You feel tired and find it hard to concentrate while driving? The following are 7 foods that help you beat your stress and focus on your business.


Chocolate is among a few foods that are nutritious, delicious and reduce stress. But do you know what the miracle of chocolate is? That is it contains flavonoids, which keep you calm, and phenylethylamine, which changes your mood. Eating dark chocolate can fight stress.


Brown rice

Do you know that there are many changes to your health when you eat brown rice instead of white rice? Well, you will need to get used to the first taste of this food, but we think that the benefits you get from brown rice is plentiful. Consuming this kind of food can lower stress and increase vitamin B.However, the best benefit of brown rice is that it satisfies the body’s demand on carbs and has a low amount of sugar.



You are tired and stressed because of low protein levels in the body? Soybeans can help you supply this compound immediately. We love soybeans because they are like “a magical drug” that you can sprinkle any dish with. They also tame stress, adding vitamin B, calcium and magnesium to your body.


Sweet potatoes

Some people often eat a pack of fried potatoes when they are nervous or anxious. So what is the reason behind these problems? We suggest that you should stop this habit immediately before you get the risk of gaining weight. You can replace fried potatoes with sweet potatoes, which can satisfy your appetite. Beta-carotenes and fiber in the sweet potatoes also help you drive safely.



A raspberry juice helps you overcome stress to concentrate on your driving. Fruits such as blueberries, cherries and raspberries contain high levels of vitamin C, which can build up the immune system and strength in reserve of the body to deal with extremely high stress.


Raisins and nuts

Almost all of you love raisins in cakes and desserts. Raisins and some other nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, are very rich in vitamins B and E that can lower blood pressure caused by stress. With omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and tryptophan, using these foods for a long time can help you have a deep sleep and relax.



“Sorry. I hate asparagus” is a reaction of most of you to asparagus. But we suggest that you should not “boycott” this amazing plant. With folic acids and high levels of fiber, the asparagus can bring your stress away.


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7 Foods To Relieve Stress While Driving

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7 Foods To Relieve Stress While Driving

This article was published on 2013/07/17