Get Over Your Public Speaking Anxiety With Self-Help Literature

By: chickie maxwell | Aug 9, 2013 There are a lot of tricks and tips you can use to get over public speaking anxiety, but the best way to conquer it is with a long-term solution. There is a wide array of people who suffer from public speaking anxiety that can affect their careers and their lives. Sales professionals, ministers, doctors and teachers are just some of the professions that rely on the ability to speak in public to do

Get Your Head on the Test : Steer Clear of Examination Anxiety

By: Laura Roseline | Aug 1, 2012 If there’s one part of being a student that not a lot of individuals look forward to, it’s none other than taking an exam. Whether it’s a short quiz or your final exams, just the mere thought of having to answer questions is enough to stress most people out. This is especially true if you will come ill-prepared for the examination. Here, we will take a look at the symptoms of examination anx

Alternative medicines- Yoga for relieving depression

By: James E. Hoffman, Jr. | Jun 11, 2012 Yoga and meditation are definite stress busters, soothing frayed nerves. Breathing techniques are known to pump more enthusiasm, than oxygen! Sri Sri Ravishankar the founder of the Art of Living vouches for Sudarshana Kriya.

What Everyone Ought To Know About The Fear of Flying

By: frank smith | Mar 27, 2012 Flying is considered the most common options for transportation for you to get from a single place to go to the next. Having said that, there are some who are so stressed with the fear of flying that they way too afraid to fly and will seek various ways of transportation regardless of travel time.

Anger and Resentment - The Twins of Misfortune

By: Doreen Crdona | Feb 26, 2012 When someone is being unfair or unjust, don’t you wish that he would vanish into thin air? If you do think this way, it’s time to re-evaluate what resentment actually does to a person. It’s quite easy to hate someone and feel resentful because of past misdeeds.

Controlling Anger Is an Important Aspect to Self Improvement

By: Stuart Owens | Feb 23, 2012 A lot of people have even lost their lives because of anger. For the fact, most of the disasters that happen in the world, starting from burning of a toy, till a serial bomb blasts, or an incident pertaining to the World Trade Center. We can be assured that all this happens due to anger, keeping aside the reasons for these incidents.

How to stop worrying

By: Farouk Radwan | Feb 20, 2012 Learn how to stop worrying. This article will tell you about the right practices you should follow in order to stop worrying

Anxiety, The Tomorrow We Worried About Yesterday

By: annphilip | Jan 9, 2012 Do you know that a little bit of anxiety is actually normal and in fact very helpful? It would help you to stay alert and organize things and be very proactive because anxiety is actually considered healthy if we experience it in moderate quantities. It is considered to be a disorder only when it actually interferes in your day to day activities and blocks you from performing the normal routine of

Stress, anxiety and weight loss

By: Farouk Radwan | Jan 6, 2012 Learn about the connection between your emotions and your weight

Gain Your Confidence in Public Speaking

By: Chickie Maxwell | Jan 3, 2012 So you have a big speech coming up and you can already feel the sweat forming on your palms, the frog settling in your throat. Public speaking is not something to be fearful of, there is no inherent danger. If you can remember this aspect, you will be able to speak publicly. There's no need to be a part of the anxiety-ridden population when it comes to talking in front of groups or crowds - I have
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