Taking Care Of Skin As We Age

By: Mariecar cervancia | Oct 20, 2011 As always, prevention is best. Cover your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Make sunscreen a normal part of your every day routine, just as brushing your teeth. Place your sunscreen on your medicine cabinet or next to your toothbrush and toothpaste to remind you that it’s a part of your regular routine. A hat plus a pair of sunglasses once the sun is at its hottest not only look good, they’r

Will Chat Up Lines Realistically Work And Will They Lure Women?

By: Rennie Larue | Oct 13, 2011 Stop wasting your time with learning old dating advice from your dad and start using these proven pick up lines, which help you attract whatever woman you want.

Cromagnus Reports Belly Weight Loss Diet

By: Juan gutierrez | Oct 13, 2011 Depending on your belly size, it can take time, but you will cut the fat that is on your waistline and cut your risk for diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

Ways To Meet And Attract Chicks Using Stealth Attraction

By: Rennie Larue | Oct 6, 2011 Maybe you have been inside a nightclub or bar and observed a gorgeous woman grouped together with a number of friends and you just hoped you could talk to her, but yet never plucked up the guts? It's a familiar state of affairs for a large number of the men in that club or pub, each of them wish the same thing.

Dating Chinese Girls Do's and Dont's

By: Sam Reeves | Sep 6, 2011 A guide to do's and don't when going on a date with a Chinese girl/woman. Fast track her attraction to you!

Astrological Compatibility As Well As The Place In Your Own Way of Life

By: Marie Malacaman | Aug 30, 2011 In today’s modern world, what do we really get out of something as somewhat old-fashioned and mystical as astrological compatibility?
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