Short Measures Are No Small Beer!

By: Paul A Lewis | Apr 3, 2012 Research shows that one in every four pints of beer sold in British pubs is short measure by around 5% of its volume, totalling to an incredible 481 million pounds illegal benefit to the pub complaines each year.

Craft Beer Apps: News from Around the World!

By: Findmytap | Apr 2, 2012 Craft beer lovers are many nowadays, but not all of them know how to find the best craft beer near to their location. Beer apps can help you out here!

The Great and Profound Chinese Art of Tea

By: alexiawell | Apr 1, 2012 Once upon a time, you could safely say that the art of tea and the Chinese art of tea were the same thing, given that the Chinese are credited with being the first people to drink our beloved beverage. But even though tea drinking eventually spread to other countries it’s worth noting that the Chinese culture of tea drinking is still a strong one. There’s also the fact that the Chinese are the

The advantages of Kenco Singles

By: Jessica Thomson | Feb 28, 2012 Kenco is a well-known coffee brand and as well as producing coffee for the mass consumer market to be sold in places like supermarkets and convenience stores they also make coffee products for use in vending machines and commercial coffee machines that are used in offices and other workplace settings.

A Digital Hydrometer Gives You Dependable Results Every Time

By: gerry downey | Feb 24, 2012 A digital hydrometer will give you dependable results every time you use it. It can also be calibrated for any specific gravity reading that you may need to use it for. From milk to the sugar density in a liquid this unit will work for you.

Michigan Brewery Wins Gold Medal at World Expo of Beer 2011!

By: Daren Cari | Feb 18, 2012 Michigan brewery has won the World Expo of Beer 2011. In addition, it ranks fifth in the overall national standings when it comes in breweries. Michigan brewery is rising faster than any other breweries, which is why there is no wonder that it claimed the gold medal in the recent world expo.

Are you interested in Gaggia products for your eatery or coffee shop

By: Jessica Thomson | Feb 16, 2012 If you run a coffee shop then the quality of the coffee and other hot drinks you serve has to be an area of focus. Small independent coffee chains need to be able to compete with sector leaders, and in a busy town centre with a large number of eateries showing you are committed to serving coffee of the finest quality is going to help you stand out from the crowd.

About tourism, travel industry

By: vivek | Feb 7, 2012 Tourism, tourism is an umbrella term for travel , the travel industry and the hospitality and leisure industry . The term tourism is in use since the 1980s, until then, the industry and society of this phenomenon as a tourism means. Today, no precise distinction between the division for the "stranger" or the "the stranger" travelers.

Advantages Of Bottle Coozies

By: Xavier Santana | Jan 20, 2012 Koozies are small protective coverings for all of your beverages. Bottle koozies are especially created for beverages that come in bottles. There are also other kinds of koozies which fit in cans and even soup bowls. Bottle koozies are well-known because they protect your cold bottle from getting warm as a result of being held for longer time.

Exactly What Are Beer Koozies

By: Xavier Santana | Jan 17, 2012 Parties and events happen all year round and almost always involve beverages like soda and beer. People love to attend these events because there is free food, drinks and entertainment. Many people go to parties and meet lots of different people. Don't allow your beer to lose its cold temperature by holding it for a long time without a koozie.
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