Rolex Daytona Everose Watch for Classy and Refined Individuals

By: 1Jason S.Gross | Apr 7, 2012 At the first sight, my attention was immediately caught by the glossy bezel and trendy dial of the Rolex Daytona Everose automatic chronograph watch. This gorgeous luxury designer watch incorporates a flawlessly executed rose gold case. Being one of the most popular models in Rolex's nig family, the Daytona collection was first introduced in 1949. Owing to the exquisite and timeless appearance, th

History of Kabbalah: Abraham

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 27, 2010 Abraham, an inhabitant of Ancient Mesopotamia, became the founder of the first group of Kabbalists, later to be called "Israel."

Kabbalah: A Path for Self-Discovery

By: Bnei Baruch | Mar 16, 2008 When we begin to feel that there is more to life than just our present existence, how do we go about finding the answers to our questions? Kabbalah is a path that can help anyone find the answers.

Kabbalah: The Tools for Seeing the Bigger Picture

By: Bnei Baruch | Mar 10, 2008 Kabbalah gives the tools for seeing the hidden part of reality and thereby feel at peace.

History of Kabbalah: Rabash - Baal HaSulam’s Son and Successor

By: Bnei Baruch | Feb 28, 2008 Rabash (1906 – 1991) was the last great Kabbalist to attain the spiritual world individually. In our times only a group of people can do this, and Rabash’s books are indispensable guides for one who develops spiritually today.

Kabbalah: Growing Our Spiritual Spark

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 23, 2008 Kabbalah explains that our souls were created in a perfect state, and afterwards they were clothed in physical bodies, where we now feel our existence within time and space. Kabbalah books help us reconnect with our souls and re-ascend to the state of perfection.

Understanding Personal Growth

By: Manny Goldman | Jan 18, 2008 I want everyone to be free of constraints and conditioning, whether cultural, environmental or societal. When this happens, people will live with joy, love, gratitude, and abundance.

In Kabbalah, You Can Have it All

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 16, 2008 As opposed to other practices that tell us to limit or restrict our desires, Kabbalah says that the purpose of Creation is to enjoy all the pleasure that exists—we only have to learn how to do so.

Kabbalah Books -Waking Us Up to Reality

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 10, 2008 Kabbalah reveals the single force that is all around us, called “Upper Light.” We reveal this force by learning how to use the key within authentic Kabbalah books.
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