What Makes The Antique So Special And Demanding In This Technology-Crazy World?

By: Cody Watson | Dec 22, 2011 An object is considered to be an antique if it is more than 100 years old. But as an exception, things like cars and bikes are considered as classics even if they are less than 100 years old. The specialty of antiques lies in its craftsmanship and design.

2011 Brand Sunglasses

By: jhui | Jun 25, 2011 cheap sunglasses ferragamo sunglasses versace sunglasses

Life Size Plush Stuffed Animals

By: Angeline Hope | Oct 5, 2010 Collecting, Family & Parenting, Hobbies By definition, stuffed animals are a luxurious comfort that can keep a child (or an adult) company for hours. Remember, however, that once you succumb to their lovable presence, you will be hard-pressed not to find yourself the owner of a plush or two. There is no denying that plush toys are addictive, so proceed with caution. Life size plush stuffed animals are a rare treat for anyone that is a fan of plush toys. They are exactly as their name implies: life sized, which means, you are getting a stuffed animal that is as big as it can possibly be in comparison to the real thing. And, ...

Christian Blogs Give Insight into Challenging Circumstances

By: Fred Fish | Jul 17, 2010 Collecting, Writing, Advice Developing into the strong believer which God desires for your life will involve some challenging circumstances and situations which will create maturity and growth. This concept is shared on the pastor blog for free and will assist you in learning how to pay the price needed for spiritual growth. Christain blog posts and articles provide information on spiritual growth that will assist you in maturing in Christ more quickly. Spiritual maturity is an essential part of growing in Christ and is accomplished as we yield to the training that our heavenly Father has for us. The Lord will often le...

pay as you go phones: solution to hefty phone bills

By: Henry Kruz | Jul 13, 2010 Collecting, Communication Mobile phone market daily comes up with deals to meet the needs of every kind of customers. Some of the users prefer mobile phones as the only way to keep in touch with the social circle while others use it as a way of entertainment. Some have very less communication requirement and they use mobile phone less frequently. One may fall under whichever category, but none of us can do without mobile phones in today’s scenario. So network providers come up with too many options to help their customers and provide the best services to them. Deals available in the market include : Contrac...

Don't Sell Grandma's Jewelry at a Yard Sale...What's It Worth?

By: JoAnna Gilford | Jan 23, 2010 VINTAGE JEWELRY IDENTIFICATION Before you can find out what a piece of vintage jewelry is worth, you need to find out what it is. This can be as simple as turning it over and finding a maker's mark or

Greg Mort Artist of Our Universe by Professor Francesco Bertola

By: Greg Mort | Jan 23, 2010 Greg Mort Artist of Our Universe by Francesco Bertola Professor of Astrophysics The University of Padua The concept of the macrocosm is that of embracing the universe in its vastness and grandeur. The

The Exclusive World of Coasters

By: Allison Ryan | Apr 3, 2009 There is most likely a circular or possibly a square shaped piece of cork board sitting on your coffee table. Some people like to place beverage glasses on top of them. Others have them simply for effect; to create a façade of austerity. The most vital part of coffee table upkeep, whether for class or for function, are these simple drink coasters. Beverage coasters (also called beermats, but they're still just drink coasters) are underappreciated and not used nearly as often as they should be. Those of us who own wooden coffee tables know how condensation from cold beverages can really me.

Collecting World Coins

By: Borge Nielsen | Apr 3, 2009 Collecting World Coins Apart from the need to engage in trading coins and working eagerly to obtain rare coins, some people have a natural desire for collecting world coins. Often this interest is sparked when one encounters foreign currency; these coin collectors begin to look at the currency in terms of its aesthetics, culture or history rather than simply its monetary value.Veteran coin collectors say that examining and collecting coins from another part of the planet, is just like trying to learn a new language. Collecting world coins is an enjoyable experience, as you’ll also learn t.

What Makes Lee Middleton Dolls Special

By: Jeanine Gehringer | Apr 3, 2009 This article compares Middleton Doll Company with another leading doll company and explains why it is a leader in the doll manufacturing world. Middleton Doll Company is known for its outstanding baby dolls. These dolls have the baby skin touch, which was created and patented by the late Lee Middleton. All dolls are made of this high quality vinyl, except the Breath of Life Babies which is made with soft-to-the-touch lifelike vinyl. Most of these dolls are 19 – 22 inches and are baby and toddler dolls. In 2003, the company added a “Classic Miniature” line, which is a miniaturized version .
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