13 Cooking Tips for Grass-Fed Beef

By: Spruill Bros | May 20, 2014 Overcooking is the foremost mistake when cooking grass-fed beef. So listed below are 13 cooking tips that extraordinary chefs are saying for the greatest out of it.

Write On Your Food With Food Markers

By: John | Feb 18, 2014 Food markers are a useful utility, widely used by homemakers and commercial kitchens. These are available in various color options, for varied purposes. Let us know a little more about these pens.

For Lovers and Thai Food Lovers on a Love Month

By: Malcolm Dingwall | Feb 4, 2014 Someone once wrote that food is God’s love made edible. No wonder why food is always linked with nurturing love and relationships. Many women claim that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, while lots of men know that roses should always be accompanied with chocolates. And both parties agree that a date is not complete without a romantic dinner for two.

The Health Benefits of Thai Cooking

By: Jessa Melanie D. Villegas | Jan 22, 2014 One of the most delicious types of cuisine that we enjoy today is the food from Thailand. It has become well-known over the decades along with its aesthetic pleasures. Thai cooking is actually easy to learn with the right recipes and knowledge. Most Thai food is full of flavour, it is blending the 4 “s” namely: sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Although Thailand cannot claim that they are the heal

Which Type of Barbecue Is Best For You?

By: Jane Dabad | Dec 13, 2013 If you like to barbecue, you've probably given some thought to whether a gas or charcoal grill is best for your needs. Here are some tips for selecting the best barbecue given the type of food you like to cook.

Things you should Know about Cooking Rice

By: Nisha Joshi | Oct 15, 2013 The food made with rice always so yummy, testy. There are many varieties can be cooked using rice of different types from short grain sticky rice to non sticky long grain basmati rice. There is a wide range in rice variety.

How to Make Sushi at Home: 5 Steps

By: Brittany Stone | Aug 13, 2013 Making sushi is not as difficult as you might think. You don't need to go to your local sushi joint for delicious rolls because you are completely able to make this traditional Japanese food with a few ingredients.

How To Achieve The Best Cooking Results In Healthy Recipes?

By: Desitwis Trecipes | Aug 12, 2013 Cooking is an art and though you are able to manage the daily cooking, yet certain techniques like baking, roasting and cooking healthy dessert recipes can come with knowledge and experience. And knowledge and experience can come only when you have the right information and practice.

Tips for Getting a Job as an Executive Chef in a Restaurant

By: Zac Parker | Jul 10, 2013 An executive chef spends his or her time being in charge of a restaurant kitchen. The kitchens can be located in country clubs, regular restaurants, hotels and many other places. For the most part, this type of chef will be responsible for managing 10 or more other people working in the kitchen.

Catering Disposables - A Must-Have Item For Food Industry

By: Sidonie Luiza | May 16, 2013 Even these catering companies get the needed help from disposable plates. For, it helps them in getting rid of leftover food after a catering event.
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