A Few Simple Suggestions For Home Gift Presentations

By: Jenifer Whitmire | Jun 11, 2013 For anyone who loves plants, either indoor or outdoor, green or flowering plants are a great choice as a gift. In instances where you aren't sure about the likes and dislikes of the recipient, choose an attractive planter of a type that can be used for something else. Include with the planter a packet or seeds. You might use items such as antique cookware to double as a funky and fun planter. Othe

Masquerade Party Decorations with Masquerade Masks

By: Toren Monson | May 27, 2013 If you are preparing to host a masquerade party and are intending to add mystery and zest to your special day, then it’s quite natural to go berserk with the planning of the decor of the place and costumes.

Drying Techniques Used for Screen Inks

By: Sidonie Luiza | Apr 3, 2013 In case you are planning to start a screen print business of your own, ensure that you are aware of the kinds of ink required and the drying technique associated with each.

Vietnam – Country of Choice For Brother Sewing Machines

By: Lauren Sweedi | Mar 25, 2013 Brother is a household name when it comes to many things around the house. Well known for their orienting and office supplies, one wouldn’t have thought that they are one of the world’s leading sewing machine manufacturers. By being one of the leading players in the sewing industry, Brother Industries Ltd has decided to improve its sewing machine manufacturing facilities by opening a plant in

Handmade Expressions of Love for Dear Babies

By: Jo Ellen | Nov 15, 2012 Knitting can be one of the simplest ways to express our love and care for our dear babies. Simply making handmade clothes, blankets, toys and sweaters can make them feel they are valued like no other. Knitting patterns for babies provide a variety of ideas on how to put those expressions into reality.

Discover the World of Knitting: A Hobby That Is Worth Your Precious Time

By: Jo Ellen | Nov 15, 2012 As a person living in a modern world today, do you still mind of doing knitting projects as a recreational activity or hobby during your leisure time? Well, I guess, you would answer “No.” because of many other interesting things to do like hanging out with friends, shopping, joyriding, etc that puts knitting at the end of the list. But come to think of it, do you have any satisfaction of doin

Tips in Choosing the Right Knitting Needle

By: Jo Ellen | Nov 1, 2012 Are you new to knitting and are puzzled by the many and knitting needles and knitting needles sizes to choose from? Or are you a seasoned knitter but you think your knitting skills can still get better given the right set of tools that are most appropriate for your knitting projects? Whether you are new or old, it takes the right kind of knitting needle to finish your projects with ease and perfe

Reasons Why Knitting Is Still Around

By: Jo Ellen | Nov 1, 2012 There is no specific date as to when knitting was invented or as to who invented it. It is believed though that knitting has been around for a thousand years based on the discovery in Egypt of a knitted cotton “Coptic” socks dating around the end of the year 1000 AD. Because the knitting on those socks was already refined and skillfully made, many believe that knitting existed even way befor


By: Jo Ellen | Aug 21, 2012 I was born in a family whose penchant in life includes anything related to arts. Although we do excel academically, we are more inclined to draw, dance, sing, paint, and even design clothes. In fact, two of my grandmothers have earned their living through sewing dresses during the course of their lives.

Designing and Creating Your Own Nursery Art

By: Phoenix Delray | Aug 21, 2012 This article is a guide on designing and creating your own nursery art.
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