Information about How to become a teacher and role of teachers in various fields of life

By: Central City | Oct 30, 2011 Education is truly a dynamic force throughout the life of every individual, as it influences his physical, mental, emotional and ethical development.

Want to know how to become a great teacher?

By: Central City | Oct 30, 2011 Teaching is among most complicated jobs today. It demands broad idea of subject matter, curriculum and standards; enthusiasm, a caring attitude in addition to a passion for learning, idea of discipline and classroom management techniques: in conjunction with intend to make an improvement inside the lives of peoples.

Jumping out of the Box after Midlife

By: Anne K Uemura | Oct 27, 2011 Whenever you're feeling "stuck" in life whether at midlife or another time, consider jumping out of your present box. After all, being in the box, repeating your patterns over and over, is what has gotten you where you are and where you don't want to be.

Building A Bomb Shelter

By: john marshal | Sep 17, 2011 The underground bomb shelters of Disaster Bunkers are developed with the help of strongest materials, namely, steel and concrete. Company develops bomb shelters with a minimum 8 inch thick concrete.

Breathtaking Wave Photos by Clark Little

By: Louis Brown | May 16, 2011 Photographer Clark Little, 43 years old, is famous for his stunning photos captured inside breaking waves. Clark used to be awarded the 2010 Oceans Photography Award at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC for his underwater photo of a surf tube named “Twister”. The photographer has drawn much attention of people worldwide for his colorful pictures. Clark began taking photos of waves when his wife asked him to take a picture to decorate their bedroom wall. The photographer has recently released his new beautiful pictures in a prestigious competition. These stunning photos below capture powerful and glorious waves when they are going to crash down onto the shore.

Yoga I

By: | May 11, 2011 About Universal Mysticism, the Art of Union with the Cosmic, whose essence is up at & Cosmic Humanism , a doctrine similar to Secular Humanism. The only difference is the postulate of a Self, which exists in all human beings. His great transparent mirror, Self

Acquiring And Applying Vintage Crochet Shawl Patterns

By: Joel Wright | Apr 10, 2011 Luckily, there are several resources obtainable out there above the internet and with the numerous books on crocheting available, but where by do you begin or where''s the greatest area to search? Wh...

Unchanged Moments Taken by Irina Werning

By: Louis Brown | Mar 15, 2011 There are a lot of wonderful things unchanged to time flow, may be in personalities, appearance, or neighborhood. It’s interesting to pay a visit to your relatives and realize something not change from the past; someone found they are memorable moments in lifetime. Let’s have a look at such incredible photos following that are taken in the past and are compared with present ones.

Tie Dye For Kids

By: MarizT2510 | Feb 24, 2011 As we all know kids love to experiment on just about anything. They are inquisitive by nature. They love to see a simple object turn into a work full of colors, that we adults call arts.

Three Ways To Develop Problem Solving Skills With Subliminal Videos

By: Nelson Berry | Feb 17, 2011 The ability to solve problems and find the easiest, most creative, and most resourceful ways to tackle even the most baffling problems is an invaluable ability. It can come in handy in everything you face in life, whether you're in school, at work, or at home. If you find yourself having difficulties handling problems, there are many subliminal videos that can be of help to you.
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