By: Ms. Poonam Sharma | Jan 15, 2011 Creativity refers to visualization by a person to create something new, to generate new ideas, to invent and discover unchartered paths and to show a road map to achieve better results

Common Types Of Natural Hair Extensions

By: Alpine Laurel | Jan 11, 2011 The use of natural hair extensions is very popular. However, you want to become familiar with the different types that may be used to put them in place.

Creative Thinking: Break Those New Year Resolutions!

By: Puneet Bhatnagar | Dec 28, 2010 How to get great results without pushing youself!

Do we really need B-Schools?

By: Mahendra K Patidar | Dec 28, 2010 I was born in an era, where education is not as expensive and competitive as today. But today the things are changed. All education providers are diverted from their principle duties, which I think that they should do. The only purpose behind today’s education is making money, as maximum as you can. I think this is the only profession which completely converted from service to Business. The only

4 Practical Creative Visualization Exercises That Work

By: Harry Warman | Dec 21, 2010 Like any practice, or skill, the art of creative visualization can be better developed through regular, active exercise. The following exercises will help you fine-tune your creative skills of creative visualization.

Fisher-price Geotrax Timberland Remote Control Railway System

By: Hubert Maniscalco | Nov 16, 2010 Fisher-Price Geotrax Railway is a fantastic train set for kids. It's operated with a remote control, so that young children can easily and in fun way control the train's movements. The track can be constructed in a number of ways to promote children's creativity.

The Creative Life - No Contest!

By: Gary Hipworth | Oct 25, 2010 Have you ever thought there must be a better way to live than the one you are living right now? Well, if you learn how to be a creator - by this I mean, not a painter or a musician, but a life artist - then you can change your life any time you want. It just takes learning some new skills and a dollop of courage.

How Do Messages From The Spirit Come Back? Artistic Writing Observe

By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25, 2010 I slept deep last night. One of these soul-satisfying sleeps where I recognize my cells are being replenished.

Creative Writers - Beware Of Selling Your Rights

By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25, 2010 Most artistic writers are so eager to sell their work that they do not stop to contemplate what rights they're selling. "Rights" refers to how a publisher can use your work. "Rights" has nothing no matter to try and do with what you're paid or the copyright of your work.

The Joys Of Creative Writing

By: Freelance Writers | Oct 25, 2010 How will the old saying go? Everybody includes a novel in them! It stands true today as abundant because it did when it absolutely was initial coined a century ago, for the experiences we have a tendency to undergo in life and every day are enough to supply numerous anecdotes and tales that would hold a reader entranced.
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