Thali restaurants for a perfect meal

By: Edward Collin | Mar 15, 2013 Food is central to any celebration. Every festivity calls for the most scrumptious of fare. Birthday parties are incomplete without the colossal serving of cake. The soft, moist layers sandwiching generous dollops of butter cream frosting coated with more sugary frosting with a luscious red cherry sitting pretty right at the centre is a common sight on birthdays.

Indian food restaurants for your taste buds

By: Edward Collin | Mar 12, 2013 In very austere terms, India is known across the world for the growing IT sector, excessive population, multiple cultures, Bollywood and its beautiful women. But if you ask any foreigner about Chicken curry or Paranthas, the possibility of them having tried them out is extremely high.

Tiffin service just for you

By: Edward Collin | Feb 26, 2013 Office hours can be daunting. Spending long hours before the computer screen, doing the never ending paper work, the lack of sleep and the stress creeping up your spine can leave you exhausted and fatigued.

Fun in the sun with Lunch box

By: Edward Collin | Feb 26, 2013 What do you envisage when you hear the word ‘tiffin box’? It may be a steel container with the yummiest food on earth made by mom or a complete meal that comes in steel or plastic containers which looks good no matter the taste.

Thali for your lunch

By: Edward Collin | Feb 26, 2013 Besides being a basic necessity for mankind’s existence, food is also known to make things better. It helps beat the blues. Eating a bar of chocolate is not just satiating, it chastens the mood swings.

Variety of Indian restaurants

By: Edward Collin | Feb 26, 2013 There are more than two hundred countries in the world. Every country, big or small, has its own set of languages, culture, landscape, weather conditions, races, currency, monuments, dances, games, so on and so forth.

The best Indian restaurants

By: Edward Collin | Feb 23, 2013 Food is the best thing that has happened to human kind. Imagine a tree full of fruits, ripe and luscious looking. What if you could pluck them from the trees but could not eat them?

Why people prefer tiffin box over eating out

By: Edward Collin | Jan 21, 2013 Indians are largely vegetarians thus people tend to think vegetarian food is a national favourite. This is untrue. Even though 66% of Indians prefer vegetarian cuisine, there is a majority which relishes meaty treats too.

What has never changed in vegetarian restaurants?

By: Edward Collin | Jan 21, 2013 Eating outside have always been more of an excitement for everyone. Whether it is your regular restaurant or a new fine diner that you are expecting something good out of, the excitement seems not to wander off.

Indian thali - the best way of tasting Indian flavours

By: Edward Collin | Dec 29, 2012 Indian food has been popular all over the world. Travellers have been indulging in the Indian cuisine for years. Everybody is familiar with ‘Palak Paneer’. People have reduced consuming meaty treats due to the medical complications that occur in the long run.
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