Bizarre Foods of the World as Seen through the Eyes of Zimmern

By: Tina Reeves | Feb 4, 2012 Right from the primates who prevailed in the beginning to the species of homo-sapiens the choice of foods has undergone a drastic change depending on the continuous evolution in the life style and culture. Andrew Zimmern is a foodie who is on a constant quest for regional cuisine, exploring food and traveling around the globe.

Comfort Food: Pizzeria Style Chicago Pizza at Home

By: Tom Lingle | Feb 3, 2012 The Chicago-style dish has modern beginnings when compared to long-standing recipes for pizza that that were developed in Italy centuries ago. In the middle of the 20th century, professional chefs employed at the famed Pizzeria Uno made their own unique version of this popular dish.

Ones own original NFL finals succeed in ever sold

By: myfirstjerseys | Jan 13, 2012 We offer high quality wholesale jerseys for our customers, such as wholesale NFL jerseys from china,wholesale football jerseys. Cheap jerseys wholesale at our jerseys online shop, and we accept PayPal payment

How to Smoke Food: Easy Techniques to Get Delicious Food

By: Nicksmith | Jan 6, 2012 Smoking food has become easier today as it involves different kinds of cooking ingredients by steaming and burning wood. Smoked foods are more delicious than other food. Today, there are varieties of options available for you to smoke food like gas smoker, electric smoker and charcoal smoker etc.

Toast for More Healthy Drinks

By: Jared Ingram | Dec 31, 2011 Right now, a lot of drinks are in really tight competition in the market. Of course these drinks are banking on different attributes: some of them claim to be healthier, tastier, or more refreshing. They could even be competing based on their prices, i.e. which is friendlier on the budget and such. With all these options available to you, how would you know which is the right drink for you?

Japanese Food - It's Not All Sushi

By: Barry Summers | Dec 15, 2011 When we think of Japanese food, we will invariably think of Sushi which many people in the UK and quite possibly throughout the western world assume means 'raw fish'. Many of us perish the thought of eating uncooked meat, however there is much more to Japanese cuisine than raw fish

What Going for a Meal Means to You

By: Greg Nagell | Dec 10, 2011 Going for a meal is a luxury for many, a necessity for some and an opportunity for family bonds to be tightened for all.

Break Out The Essentials! Cake Decoration Accessories You Should Not Do Without

By: Jonnie P. Allen | Dec 5, 2011 INTRO Cakes. Everyone loves them, do not they? Especially with the cold weather coming over the horizon, now is the ideal time to break out the comfort food and get baking! Do not go cake making without these essentials, however.

Pita bread - a bread of the east

By: Torri Myler | Nov 29, 2011 Pita bread is known for its characteristic air pocket inside that is created by steam in the process of baking. It puffs the bread greatly, and when the dough cools and flattens, the pocket remains.

Snacks at Shacks by Moets

By: Preeti Shah | Nov 19, 2011 Moets is a pub cum bar located at Moets Restaurant Complex, Defence Colony Market. It specializes in Japanese and Chinese cuisines. The pub is fully decorated with wooden interior in Japanese style. Open all the days from 11 AM to 11 PM.
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