Recurring Dreams and their Meanings

By: Adam Smith | Jan 6, 2012 While I have never been one for fanciful thoughts and wasting time on analysing things as elusive as dreams, I found myself doing just that last month. Ever since I was a child, I remember having very vivid dreams and would often up convinced that they were not dreams but had actually happened to me in real life.

Do You Remain Content? Asks Psychic Elizabeth

By: Elizabeth Holloway | Sep 15, 2011 Are you constantly pushing towards your next goal or do you remain content with where you are now? Are you seeking spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth or do you remain content at your current level? Today is Ivan Pavlov’s birthday. Our daily quote allows Mr. Pavlov to teach us about goals and moving towards them.

The Message Behind Recurring Dreams

By: Adam Benedetto | Feb 10, 2011 When we fall asleep we release tension, we relax and our mind slips away. We slide into another state, that of dreams and often of a very personal message to ourselves. When we look at dreams, especially recurring ones, we can see a theme.

The Joy of Making a Dream Come True

By: Tania Baildon | Aug 14, 2007 You don’t just follow your dreams. You have to live them.

Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Sleep [Part 4]

By: Neo Marcos | Jun 28, 2007 Every time that R.E.M. kicks in when we sleep, our mind wanders off into the most unlikely places. They must mean something, for if in real life we go to places for a reason, then it follows that we dream of being in places for a reason as well. Curious why you are dreaming of the same place over and over again? Read on.

Dream Interpretation - Common Symbols And Their Meanings

By: John Foley Foley | Jul 22, 2006 Dream interpretation has many forms; it can be done be done for the sake of fun, hobby or can be taken up as a serious career. Psychologists and therapists are already incorporating dream interpretation into their practice. They find it as a very useful tool to gain access to hidden desires and deep-rooted personality issues of a dreamer.

Dreaming About People

By: Badi Purwa | Jul 1, 2006 People often wonder if the people encountered in dreams are actual, real people, or simply manifestations of their own personality and emotions. Most modern dream interpretation holds that the people in dreams are not actual people at all, but rather symbols for parts of your own personality.

Common Symbols Seen in Dreams

By: Badi Purwa | Jul 1, 2006 The objects, symbols and people we see in our dreams can be baffling and confusing at times. Dreams seem to contain their own particular language, and that language can be difficult to read for those who are unfamiliar with dream symbolism.

A Word About Dream Analysis And Interpretation

By: Badi Purwa | Jul 1, 2006 It is quite likely that dreams have existed for as long as their have been humans to dream them. Dreams are an integral part of the human experience, and every person dreams at least four times, and as many as seven times, each and every night for their entire lives. It is even thought that unborn babies dream while they are still in the womb.

Archetypal Symbols In Dreams

By: Badi Purwa | Jul 1, 2006 Archetypes are among the most powerful and most significant of all items found in dreams, and they are of great interest to dream interpreters and to dream researchers and scientists alike. At its simplest, an archetype is a prototype, or an original copy, of any object or experience. An archetype can also refer to the prefect example of an object – the object by which all others are judged.
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