Next Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz Draws Comparisons to England's Kate Middleton for Fashion Sensibilities and Modest Backgrounds

By: Emma Murphy | Jun 6, 2014 Princess Letizia Ortiz will soon become the next Queen of Spain as King Juan Carlos announced his abdication after ruling the country for 39 years on Monday (June 2, 2014). He will be succeeded by his son, Letizia’s 46-year-old husband, Prince Felipe de Borbon.

Movies Set a Trend for Fashion Wear and Accessories

By: Sanjana Kapoor | May 8, 2014 Fashion trends have emerged just about everywhere, be it in pop culture or a magazine photo spread. It is no surprise that there seems to be movies that have a massive impact on how we dress as well.

Stylish and Plus-size Fashion Blogger Nadia Aboulhosn Makes Us Jealous with Her Enviable Curves

By: Vanessa Ford | Apr 24, 2014 Nadia Aboulhosn is a beautiful half-Lebanese style blogger with enviable curves and fashion fearlessness. At a size 10-12, the cool girl wears her clothes with so much confidence, from patterned bodysuits to fringed crop tops with ease.

Tips For Shopping Of Women Clothing In A Smart Way That Saves Money

By: Rahul Rastogi | Apr 24, 2014 Every woman is fond of clothes and shopping for clothing is her favorite hobby. Women are shopaholic by nature and every time they decide they will not spend much money on clothes they do the reverse. But to be honest, you can save money on clothes by following below tips:-

Taylor Swift’s Style 2014: “Love Story” Singer Switching Into Fashion Leader of Menswear Trend

By: Emma Murphy | Apr 14, 2014 Taylor Swift is known for her glamorous appearance when she hits red carpets at awards shows and premieres. However, it seems that Miss Swift is switching into another style: menswear.

Taking Care of Cheap Charms Jewelry

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 11, 2014 Finding some great jewelry making supplies using some cheap charms, can be a great hobby and fun to give as gifts.

Few Facts About Wood Beads

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 11, 2014 Wood beads are very popular these days. However what is the reason for their popularity? In this article few facts about wood beads are explained that contributes to their popularity.

How To Find Good Cabochons Wholesale Jewelry

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 10, 2014 Finding good cabochon wholesale jewelry is a quest many crafters are seeking, and there are a number of websites that provide excellent cabochon stones. There are lots of settings that a cabochon is absolutely perfect for and adds a beautiful look to the piece of jewelry.

How to Choose the Right Hair Extension for You

By: Roy Wilkins | Apr 8, 2014 Hair Extensions are an effective way of making hair longer without waiting for it to naturally grow. Getting the right type of hair extensions that suits . . . . .

Top 10 Must Have Fashion Evergreens for A Lady

By: Sanjana Kapoor | Mar 27, 2014 Fashion! The word alone sends flutters in every woman’s mind. Petite or tall, fair toned or sun kissed, curvaceous or model figured; every woman just loves fashion. Though it is also true, that keeping track with the changing trends is rather perplexing. There is nothing as erratic as fashion trends, which change every season. Thus, to stay in vogue is certainly not as easy as it seems to be. T
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