Advantages and Disadvantages To Digital Custom T-Shirt Printing

By: sr.savaj | Dec 10, 2013 Digital custom t-shirt printing is the process by which you can get any text, photograph or any graphic printed on a t-shirt by ink-jet or laser printer. This type of printing can be done in numerous ways and methods. T-shirt transfer paper is one of such processes.

Disabled Model Kelly Knox Determined to Make Widespread Changes in Fashion Industry

By: Zhang Tung | Dec 3, 2013 Britain's top disabled model Kelly Knox has been known for years since she won the BBC competition Britain’s Missing Top Model in 2008. However, the 29-year-old model from North London has also been loved by a lot of people for her determination to make widespread changes in the fashion industry.

Check out the design specifications of the brand new Real Madrid football shirts

By: Walter Christian | Nov 28, 2013 Real Madrid is one of the most successful and popular Spanish football clubs. The club was established in 1902 as Madrid Football Club by a group of diehard fans of football. The club became very popular within a shorter time period and won many international and domestic football cups and championships. The international governing body of Soccer “FIFA” announced the club as the “Best Footba

How To Get Your Skin Ready For Winter?

By: sr.savaj | Nov 13, 2013 With the cold and chilly hands of winter looming just around the corner, your skin is facing an inevitable condition: dry skin. The change in temperatures, decreased humidity, and dry air, can rob your skin’s natural moisture levels, leaving behind dry and itchy patches on your face.

How To Customize Your LED Light Shirts

By: Jet M. Perreault | Nov 7, 2013 A customized shirt can be the perfect gift for all sorts of different occasions.

How Twitter Can Teach You About Makeups

By: Mohammad Shawon | Nov 2, 2013 It is really a good way to learn about a subject from twitter. It is a good site in this age of modern communication system. So, be careful and be learning.

Differentiation Between Genuine Leather and Faux Leather.

By: FactoryExtreme | Oct 29, 2013 Exploitation has become an art. Yes, more than often we as consumers are let down when it comes to our part of purchasing certain items. We are exploited in numerous ways by retailers in order for them to increase their profits.

How to Get Better Skin by Using The Quality Skin Cosmetic

By: Mohammad Shawon | Oct 28, 2013 Every women's are just fond of good and soft skin. A good looking skin can present yourself more gorgeously to others. So be aware about this thing to be a beautiful person.

Factors Responsible For Making Loose Diamonds Fiery

By: Victoria James | Oct 24, 2013 Loose diamonds can be made to look bright or sparkle by jewellers and can be sold to buyers at a higher cost than the actual diamond price. To avoid falling prey to such gimmicks, consumers should look for only certified diamonds. Such certified stones can be easily bought from e-marts of great repute.

3 Reasons Why Leather Jackets are Popular Attires

By: FactoryExtreme | Oct 12, 2013 The whole concept of clothing items has become very important in our society. Gone are those days when one could wear anything they wanted without thinking twice.
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