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Top 7 Healthy Foods For Weight Gain

By: Henes Pitt | Mar 18, 2014 Because weight gain is all about calories, you need to consume more calories every day if you want to gain some kilos. You can eat junk food to get curvy but this is not a healthy option. In fact, you can reach your goals while still eating foods that are good for you. Following are 7 foods that are nutrient-dense and energy-dense. You can add them to your diet and see the results.

Lemon Juice’s Health Benefits: Supporting Weight Loss, Making Skin Clear and More

By: Lee Dobbins | Mar 18, 2014 Lemons are widely used in various food recipes and they add abundant flavor to a variety of dishes. These citrus fruits are even added to plain water to make a favourite drink of many people all around the world. However, they don’t stop at just giving the food items a delicious taste. They provide a ton of health benefits as well.

6 Foods That Are High in Zinc

By: Neil Karen | Mar 17, 2014 Zinc is an essential mineral that is required to increase the effectiveness of your immune system. You also need this mineral to create new cells and promote wound healing. A deficiency in zinc can lead to a number of health problems such as hair loss, depressed immunity and diarrhea.

5 Health Benefits of Tarragon

By: Elisa Wasson | Mar 15, 2014 Tarragon, also known as Estragon and Little Dragon, is mainly used in toppings of various dishes. This small, dark green perennial plant, which is somewhat similar in taste to licorice, adds extra deliciousness to every dish it is mixed in.

Foods To Never Feed Your Dog: Chocolate, Avocados and More

By: Lee Dobbins | Mar 14, 2014 Many foods are safe for humans can be toxic to dogs’ system or even deadly to them. Therefore, it is important for you - a responsible pet owner - to be aware of the common foods that may send your pet to the emergency clinic. Following are some foods that should never feed your dog, no matter how nicely he asks. Let’s check out now.

5 Health Benefits of Salmon

By: Brittany Stone | Mar 14, 2014 Packed with many nutrients, vitamins and minerals, salmon is a healthy food that should be consumed regularly. There are some species of salmon fish, including the sockeye, Steel head, pink, coho and many more. This fish not only tastes delicious but also has considerable health benefits.

5 Foods That Increase Body Odor

By: Neil Karen | Mar 13, 2014 Body odor can be embarrassing in social interactions and it can be an extremely sensitive issue for many of you. This disorder is blamed on everything from genes to cheap perfume. However, the type of food you eat every day is also another cause for bad odors.

7 Best Foods For Healthy and Strong Bones

By: Neil Karen | Mar 12, 2014 As you know, calcium, vitamin D and protein are among the most important things to develop and promote healthy bones throughout your life. When you get older, your bones begin to thin out. Luckily, there are certain foods that can help boost your bone density as well as give you the maximum peak bone mass.

How to Select a Wedding Cake For Your D-Day

By: Philip Stallone | Mar 8, 2014 Wedding is an important factor of everyone's life. Girls make their planning for their cakes a year before their marriage. This is a great occasion to celebrate. So choose the cake acording to your choice.

Chocolate’s Health Benefits: Eating This Tasty Treat Makes You Happier and Smarter

By: Neil Karen | Mar 1, 2014 Chocolate is high in fat but it contains many antioxidants that protect your body from aging caused by free radicals. It is not just junk food but it is good for about every part of your body. Following are some amazing health benefits of chocolate that you must know. Let’s check out now.
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