Goal Setting

How to Create Your Own Personal Development Plan

By: Dr. Robert Anthony | Apr 3, 2012 A personal development plan is a great tool to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. Read on to learn a practical method you can use to organize your priorities.

Fun Exercises for Personal Growth and Development

By: Marc D Termine | Mar 27, 2012 Growing as a person doesn’t have to be serious business all the time! Read on to learn about the more fun side of becoming a better you!


By: Ted Ego | Mar 25, 2012 I firmly accept as true that everything in this world has purpose and meaning. Even the things we don’t see through our naked eyes showed to be useful. The air we breathe in is invisible to the eyes yet, we can feel it and without it, we will not survive. Maggots and fungus are necessary for decomposition, though they may appear sordid.

Baby Step Your Way to Achieving Your Vision

By: J. Val Hastings | Mar 21, 2012 Working towards a big vision is a powerful experience. As a compass, a vision can be a decision-making tool for all of your day-to-day actions. If the action will take you towards your vision, you do it. If it won't, you don't. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

A Basic Guide to Personal Success

By: Marc D Termine | Mar 20, 2012 Sometimes all we need to achieve personal success is to formulate a basic guide to help us. Read on to learn how to make one!

Self Growth Tips for College Students

By: Marc D Termine | Mar 20, 2012 College life is manageable provided you have the maturity, smarts and resilience to deal with life on campus. Read on to get self growth tips to survive those four years.

Mathematics – A great power of knowledge.

By: miche,ljorge | Mar 18, 2012 The big moment has arrived and you need to let go of your baby. Yesterday the kid was crawling, today he/she is ready to make friends and go to big school.

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals

By: W. S. Gibson | Mar 15, 2012 Having goals that you've created using the SMART method -- specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound -- is the way to go. But you also have to be insightful as to ways to overcome obstacles in achieving your goals. You must avoid thwarting yourself by aspiring to things that you don't really want in the first place, and then when you do pursue your goals, reaching out for accountability and input from others is essential.

Smart Goal Setting - Finding The Intelligent Way To Set Your Goals!

By: Trevor Johnson | Mar 13, 2012 Too often, we spend less time on our goal setting than we spend on what we are going to eat at our next meal. We have a sudden impulse or someone says "you need to write down your goals". Then - if you're in the top handful of people in the country - you write these semi-random thoughts down, store them somewhere and you're done. If only that were true.

Reaching Your Goals - How to Achieve More

By: Bob Crawford | Mar 11, 2012 Reaching your goals in a timely manner is most likely important to you. You want to achieve something and you want it to appear in your life by a certain time. (Usually that time is right now! or at least pretty soon!) Unfortunately, unless you follow this one critical element of goal setting, you are setting yourself up to continue struggling.
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