The Best Countries in the World to Retire

By: Cedric Loiselle | Dec 21, 2011 International Living, an expatriate lifestyle magazine, ranked countries around the world in terms of housing, cost of living, culture, health, safety, and climate.

Top 10 US Places to Retire

By: Cedric Loiselle | Dec 21, 2011 There are a lot of great places in the United States for retirees, people who want nothing else but comfort—and lots of sunshine. Fortunately, there are several towns that fit the criteria. The ideal places for people past the working age are those with mild climate and good environs. These are the 10 best places to retire in the country.


By: zahidsharif | Dec 2, 2011 Honesty is the quality and principle which a person with honor and esteem, more than with any act of apparent action, honesty however does not consist only in not telling lies it consists to in being faith full in all part of life.

When Life Feels Heavy or Hard

By: Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young | Nov 29, 2011 Opening up to the possibilities in life is important. If we feel hopeless and challenged too often, we lose the purpose in our life. We stop seeing what could be, and instead see the end of things. Letting go of this viewpoint in life enables you to see life as it really is for you.

Rediscover happiness

By: Rajan Dogra | Nov 28, 2011 Happiness, desire, lives, wills, sad, happy, circumstances, family, naughtiness, joy, workplace, honest, positive, attitude, external factors, thoughts, spiritual, meditation and contentment.

Your Grandparents Marriage

By: C Dotson | Nov 20, 2011 With very busy schedules juggling jobs, kids and activities people find themselves taking care of everyone and everything, but not each other. "Marriage is like a garden, you have to tend it; if not weeds grow up and take over the flowers". Next thing you know the garden looks horrible, weeds everywhere, choking the plants. If you do not tend to your marriage, you will look up one day and wonder

Attachments and Happiness

By: Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young | Nov 19, 2011 Throughout life we grow accustomed to things, to needs, and to the belief in how things must be. We believe we can't do without them, that in order to be happy things must be a certain way. But do they have to be?

Popular Nightspots and Indie Options in the SF Nightlife Scene

By: Ned Brown | Nov 16, 2011 The sf nightlife scene can just be a city itself –fun, exciting, and filled with unique entertainment.

Exemplary Nightlife Experience with San Francisco Nightclubs

By: Ned Brown | Nov 16, 2011 In a place that is both young and chic, San Francisco night life works as a means for us to socialize and meet new people as well.

Fire up Your Nightlife with these SF Night Clubs

By: Ned Brown | Nov 16, 2011 If the City by the bay is fun at daytime, then wait until you experience the San Francisco nightlife!
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