Creative Activities For Kids At Home To Try

By: Jared Ingram | Oct 4, 2013 With so much technology available today, many parents and teachers are finding out that it can be hard to get children to get away from the video games and television screens that are proliferating culture today. Finding activities for kids at home can be a difficult task as well, as many may not want to step away from the more convenient options that abound.

Outdoor Pet Water Fountain Is a Great Investment

By: Caroline Brown | Sep 5, 2013 See why a pet water fountain is great for your pet and what it can do to make your pet healthy.

Transform Cleaning Into A Habit

By: Whiteclean | Mar 6, 2013 How to make cleaning a habit. Some useful tips and guidance, plus an easy way to have more free time.

Best Things to Do on a Rainy Day

By: Megan J Peterson | Sep 26, 2012 It's raining again? And you don't know what to do? Read the following ideas and make your day sunny! Well, not literally, I guess.

"How To" in Houston: Design a Natural Welcome Mat

By: Jennifer Watson | Aug 23, 2012 A welcoming door mat is always nice to see, and let's face it, door mats are a first impression, so why not make it a good one!

The Realism That Women Go For With Reborn Dolls

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Aug 13, 2012 The percentage of women owning reborn dolls is rising. Their reasons for owning one is varied but there are some women who own these dolls to fill in an emotional void of being a mother.

The Processes In The Art Of Reborn Dolls

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Aug 13, 2012 Reborn dolls have been around for several decades now but today’s masterpieces are just simply more life-like and realistic.

Learning The Art Of Reborn Doll Making

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Aug 13, 2012 Doll-making is not an activity that is just exclusive for those who want to make a profit out of it. Most especially, it is not exclusive to doll manufacturers.

New Era Dolls: Collecting Dolls With Tattoos

By: Shannon Rae Treasure | Aug 10, 2012 Most people always have a fascination for dolls. Artists and collectors, aside from children, are probably the two groups who find more uses to dolls than just being an entertainment piece. They find that these dolls are work of art and that there is an aesthetic value to it.

Swim Cap Material

By: Allen Reed | Jun 14, 2012 You might not give much though to your swim cap,or even be aware of what material it is made out of. Between silicone, latex, rubber, lycra and various other materials, choosing a swim cap might sound more confusing and time consuming than it's worth.
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