Condense the mess in the laundry room with these tips

By: Skyler Davis | May 10, 2012 If counter space is at a premium in your laundry room, then you probably could use some extra space where you can fold your laundry. This steel, rolling laundry station offers extra space and more. The cart’s two shelves hold detergent, fabric softener, folded clothing and more. There is a slide-out wire basket that can hold small items, like stain sticks, clothes pins and scissors to clip loose

Keep the Mess in the Washing Machine with These Laundry Room Storage Tips

By: Skyler Davis | May 10, 2012 If your ironing board stands in a corner and you constantly have to straighten it and your iron sits in the way on top of the dryer, you’ll appreciate this tip. Use the back of your laundry room door to store those items. The Over the Door Iron Board Holder is a powerful organizer that hangs over the door or mounts on a wall. The iron sits in its own spot in the center of the unit, while two bot

Keep your kitchen clutter free with these tips

By: Skyler Davis | May 10, 2012 There are always miscellaneous things you store in your kitchen that don’t have a designated home in your cabinetry; for example, wine often falls into this category. If you are a true wine connoisseur, you like to keep several bottles on hand. But you hate to take up cabinet space to store it. The 44-bottle wine rack made out of pine wood gives you a wine cellar in your kitchen – or wherever

Use your garage for storage, a work area and to store your car with these organization tips

By: Skyler Davis | May 10, 2012 A place many people never consider for extra storage is right above their heads. A ceiling storage mount easily mounts through the drywall and into the studs. Once up in the rafters, the storage shelf can be used to store camping equipment in the winter and sleds and skates in the summer. The shelving is rust-resistant with a powder-coated finish. It goes up easily, requiring no screws or drills.

Show your pride with monogrammed outdoor decor

By: Skyler Davis | May 10, 2012 Match the holiday flag with a holiday coir doormat with holly leaves and berries surrounding the monogram. Because it features a winter plant, you can leave it out all winter long – not just for the holidays.

Make Room for Summer Objects with These Garage Organization Ideas

By: Skyler Davis | May 9, 2012 Gather all of your gardening supplies into one of the lovely Folding Potting Benches. Pots, spades, gloves, bags of potting soil or feed will look tidy and organized when you load the shelves or lattice back. You will also have plenty of surface are to work on your flowers and potted plants. The bench is made of sturdy hardwood and finished with a natural oil stain. The fact that it folds away mea

Personalize Your Home with Monogrammed Décor

By: Skyler Davis | May 9, 2012 Some monograms come in the Gablecrest Flag with Monogram design. This one is a rectangular flag that features a bright green background and plenty of flowers across the top and bottom. Blue, yellow and orange feature in the color scheme, so you’ll certainly be able to place this beauty in any room of your home. Or hang it outside the front door to welcome guests as they arrive.

A Paper Card Is a Treasure

By: masere11 | May 8, 2012 Picture never receiving a greeting card through the mail ever again, to never be able to hold a tangible token of affection and love that has been sent solely and intentionally to you. Receiving a card via the mail, whatever the event, gives a sense of pleasure and reminds us that we are special. When a special event is approaching whether it's, for example, a birthday or anniversary, you can't replicate the feeling of happiness once you get a paper card.

Party and Event Planning Blunders That One Must Avoid

By: Julia Bennet | May 8, 2012 To organize a successful event without any faux pas, there are a few party planning blunders that you need to be aware of. Increasing your awareness of event planning blunders will help you be prepared to meet the challenge head-on in case need arises.

Corporate Party Planning Tips for Resounding Success

By: Julia Bennet | May 7, 2012 Party planning is a task that not many are versatile in. If you are planning for an event at office, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure its success.
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