Interior Design

A Business Office Space for rent in Makati Puts You in the Heart of the CBD

By: Marinda Irish | Sep 18, 2013 Makati apartments for rent are easy to find considering the variety of new developments in the near future. If you wish to rent one, then make sure you've got a licensed broker to find one which fits your lifestyle and budget.

How to choose features of Granite tiles while tiling house

By: Harrie Dadhwal | Sep 13, 2013 Granite tile is a natural stone that possesses a lot of features, but all features might not suit ever corner of your house when you are planning to tile your entire home interior.

Easy tips to clean sandstone tile

By: Harrie Dadhwal | Sep 13, 2013 When it comes to spectacular beauty, Sandstone comes in the top list. Moreover, its class of beauty is not limited to certain areas of application, which makes it just one of its kind building material.

Wonderful kids room decorating ideas

By: ima senn | Sep 11, 2013 Suggestions and ideas that will open up newer avenues and help parents do up their kids’ rooms like never before.

Attractive and Cheap Flooring for the House

By: Peter Beavan Davis | Aug 9, 2013 Get the best Perth Flooring to render an extra charm to the house and to attract visitors o the house.

Top 5 Interior Design Apps

By: Chad Rutt | Aug 9, 2013 Are you ready to take on that next home project? Below are the top five Interior Design Apps that will assist you in getting your project started in both an organized fashion and on budget? Don’t let the cost dissuade you from buying these aps. Less than $10 spent today can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your next DIY project.

Vitrified Tiles- Get Champagne Taste in Bear Budget

By: kxiarticle | Jul 25, 2013 Their huge collection of vitrified wall and floor tiles are brought to the market only when they meet quality standards conduct in their laboratories.

Interior Design, Find the Best Match for Your Project

By: Carter Villalba | Jul 18, 2013 For those planning to remodel their home or office, hiring a competent interior design service is a prerequisite. If you have any particular requirements, then it would be a great idea to hire in a team of interior designing experts as they will ensure that the space is put to optima use.

Marvelous range of Mosaics and Art Glass best suited for interior as well as exterior usage

By: Suzain Holmes | Jul 9, 2013 Tile flooring is very well-liked and decorates any room with a beautiful, perfect finish. Years ago, tile flooring was widely used in homes for its durability and versatility but now-a-days tile is extremely used in all areas of the house even bathrooms and kitchens for its alluring colors, elegant designs, different styles, and can also spice up a room without breaking the budget.

Tips on how to choose the best fabric for bed linen

By: Dedy Indrawan | Jul 5, 2013 As I learn more about the bed linen, I realized there are so many types of fabric used to make a bed sheet. Here I would like to explain some of them are pretty much used
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