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Install a lawn sprinkler system to help with garden irrigation

By: john dellafiora | Jul 3, 2013 Now is the time many garden vegetables such as peppers, carrots and tomatoes should be growing well. But, what do you do if garden veggies aren’t growing as they should be? The problem may not just be with the garden irrigation system

Are there Green Closet Organizers Out There?

By: Cameron Alarcio | Jun 8, 2013 Integrating environmentally friendly products into households has become much easier in the past few years thanks to the growing number of products that are responsibly produced and utilize renewable materials. From appliances to furniture, environmentally sustainable household products will ensure peace of mind for you and a more natural home atmosphere. However it is now possible to also integra

Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Self Storage Unit

By: Derick Ng | Jun 7, 2013 Self storage is slowly but surely becoming the storage choice for most personal and business needs due to its flexibility and value for money options. However, proper planning is still required to fully maximise it and to make sure that you do not pay a single cent for something you do not need.

Learn the Art of Buying and Selling Timeshares from Experts

By: Micheeel Croniee | Jun 3, 2013 Buying timeshare can sometimes be a daunting task; people offer several ideas and options arguing that a particular resort in USA is the best and so on and so forth.

Top 5 Reasons Why We Use Self Storage

By: Derick Ng | May 27, 2013 Are you constantly moaning about the lack of storage space to store all of your things? Do you frequently spend a lot of time rummaging through your belongings trying to find things that you need? Perhaps it's time to de-clutter your house and place those items that you rarely used in self storage. There are so many reasons as to why people use self storage.

3 Things to Take Note during Storage of Music Instruments

By: Derick Ng | May 27, 2013 Gone are the days where only simple things are stored in self storage units. Nowadays, many items that people store needs special care and attention. For example, art paintings and photographs are extremely sensitive to light and moisture. UV can dry up the moisture in the art pieces, damaging the fibres and causing discolouration.

5 Natural Odour Removers for Storage Unit

By: Derick Ng | May 27, 2013 Prolonged storage of items in an enclosed area can cause stale smells and bad odours. This is further amplified if the air circulation is poor. Many commercial odour removers contain harsh chemicals and they can cause damages to your delicate items.

Role of an independent tenant advisor in UK

By: Simon Gabriel | May 21, 2013 A tenant advisor is the person with specialist knowledge and skills who you can depend on to fins solution for the problems that affect housing services.

Tenant’s role in Governing Housing Societies of UK

By: Simon Gabriel | May 21, 2013 UK has been championing the cause of tenant participation as a matter of policy for about 20 years now. Policies and regulations are in place to encourage tenant’s involvement in governance of housing societies. This inclusive view was promoted through the Best Value Framework which favoured customer’s involvement in public services. After the new Government took its place in 2010 in UK there

Office Relocation - Using the Self Storage

By: Derick Ng | Apr 9, 2013 The very first thing that comes to people's mind when they hear of self storage is that they are used for storage of personal items on a daily basis. To them, self storage is a fuss free non-commercial and economical way of storing things. However, self storage is actually open to people from all walks of life, from personal to commercial. You will be amazed at how self storage can help you out in
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