How One Can Become A Youth Motivational Speaker

By: RRamon Fulcher | Sep 5, 2013 Starting to become a youth motivational speaker is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have that enthusiasm and responsibility, then only you’ll be capable to motivate and influence others to realize success in their personal life and professional life.

Wipe out your negative emotions

By: yaoyao | Mar 21, 2013 Let's move on to zone out those negative thoughts that many of us repeat to ourselves. Dwelling on a negative mind is harmful for our overall well-being. What we believe can easily come true if we don't change our mindset.

How strong you are?

By: yaoyao | Mar 15, 2013 Whether you are a man or a woman, this is a hard question to answer. But, to be honest, I wonder: How do you define your strength? How do you know your limits? How do you know how much you have achieved? We often find that we are stronger than expected when the pressure kicks in.

Andy Roddick- A Real Champion

By: L.R. Hand | Sep 25, 2012 Once Andy Roddick announced his retirement from the ATP tour, I started reflecting on his career and how he managed himself both on and off the court. I thought of seven life lessons that this genuine champion showed that I can assign to both my business and my private life.

Important Things to Know About Landmark Education

By: Rina Brundu. | Apr 23, 2012 It is not a good idea to trust people just on their word. This is because some of the information you get might be biased and used purposely or to tarnish the image of the target firm.

Key Components of Baby Girl or Baby Boy Shower Invitations

By: MadelineGallo | Apr 15, 2012 Selecting the right design for use on your baby shower invitations and christening invitations is important. You must capture the theme of the celebration while delivering enough information to the guests. Here are a few points you should look into when creating invitations.

How to Hear From God

By: Faye Hines | Apr 4, 2012 Consistent guidance is needed in today's world and it's very important for us to have God's input on our daily affairs. But hearing God's voice can be difficult for many of us who become overwhelmingly frustrated. Learn how you can hear God's voice more clearly and relieve your life from stress.

A Holistic Approach to Education

By: Prue D Lowen | Mar 20, 2012 There are actually a lot of dimensions to learning, beyond what we are familiar with. Read on to learn how to approach education holistically.

Caring for Your Mind, Body and Soul

By: Prue D Lowen | Mar 20, 2012 If your goal is to achieve self development, then you must start by caring for your mind, body and soul. Read this article to find out how you can achieve this.

Finding the Inspiration and Motivation to be a Good Parent

By: Prue D Lowen | Mar 20, 2012 Being a good parent can be tricky business. Read on to find out how and where you can get the inspiration and motivation to succeed as a mother or a father.
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