Taking Care of Cheap Charms Jewelry

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 11, 2014 Finding some great jewelry making supplies using some cheap charms, can be a great hobby and fun to give as gifts.

Few Facts About Wood Beads

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 11, 2014 Wood beads are very popular these days. However what is the reason for their popularity? In this article few facts about wood beads are explained that contributes to their popularity.

How To Find Good Cabochons Wholesale Jewelry

By: Manisha Kumar | Apr 10, 2014 Finding good cabochon wholesale jewelry is a quest many crafters are seeking, and there are a number of websites that provide excellent cabochon stones. There are lots of settings that a cabochon is absolutely perfect for and adds a beautiful look to the piece of jewelry.

Tips on How to Maintain Sterling Silver European Beads Jewelry

By: aronno bhowmick | Jan 21, 2014 The sterling silver European beads refer to beads containing not less than 92.5 percent of pure silver with the remaining 7.5 percent being made of other metals. Fine silver or pure silver is well reputed for being malleable and very soft and it can be damaged easily especially when not properly maintained.

The Different Kinds of Nut Beads

By: Sanjana Antony | Jan 16, 2014 Nut beads have been popularly used for jewelry crafting since the earliest time known to man, along with pearls, corals and other organic materials. Up to the present time nut bead jewelry is worn by men and women all around the world.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps for Your Necklaces and Bracelets

By: Sanjana Antony | Jan 14, 2014 When you are creating jewelry, one of the essential elements that you will need are jewelry clasps.Magnetic jewelry clasps are one of the newest inventions among jewelry making supplies and they are getting popular each day because of the secure grasp that it provides to your pieces of jewelry.

Factors Responsible For Making Loose Diamonds Fiery

By: Victoria James | Oct 24, 2013 Loose diamonds can be made to look bright or sparkle by jewellers and can be sold to buyers at a higher cost than the actual diamond price. To avoid falling prey to such gimmicks, consumers should look for only certified diamonds. Such certified stones can be easily bought from e-marts of great repute.

Choose The Right Hair Accessories to Spruce Up Your Look

By: Mukul Kumar | Oct 9, 2013 Hair accessories are a very old companion of girls since ages to complete their sizzling look. Just search the very first name of ancient society pop up in your mind, and you will find the different kind of accessories and fashion jewellery used to have a jaw-dropping hair style.

What’s the difference between dichroic glass beads and clay beads?

By: aronno bhowmick | Oct 8, 2013 Many people love jewelry and spend a lot of money on such items. The sad thing is that many of these individuals buy their jewelry based on looks alone. They pick jewelry if it’s pretty; in a color they like or can match with a certain outfit.

Things to know about beading wire from beads suppliers

By: aronno bhowmick | Oct 8, 2013 Beading wire from beads suppliers is a material used to string jewelry beads together. It is made up of many thin steel wires wound together into a sound stringing material. This is often coated with a nylon layer, to help make the stringing material malleable.
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