Ministry to Women: 5 Things You Should Never Do When Ministering to Women in Difficult Marriages

By: Karla Downing | Apr 27, 2012 Are you involved in ministry to women in difficult marriages? If so, here are the five things you should never do when ministering to a Christian woman in a difficult marriage...

Deciding factors related to coaching school and coach certification

By: monisha | Apr 26, 2012 Life coaching is found to be one of the most important mainstream educations for quite some time now. But still, coaches are not sufficient in supply in the market. Every year, different new life coaches are getting certified from different parts of the world from the coaching school.

Tips to choose proper Coaching training

By: monisha | Apr 23, 2012 When you have a plan to enroll in coaching training, then choosing the right one would be a proper challenge. Once you’re investing any amount of money, you would always expect for proper return on investment for this kind of training program. Different coach training schools are present there these days.

Selecting The Coaching School – A Very Critical Point For Your Profession

By: monisha | Apr 12, 2012 If you’ve decided to become a professional coach, irrespective of your specialty, choosing the correct school is really very important. Not all coaching schools existing in the market are having equal reputation. So, to guide you at this moment, you are provided with a small number of the most significant factors which are supposed to be considered while picking up the correct school for you.

Leadership Skills: Wisdom Introduction

By: Brad Smith | Feb 29, 2012 Wisdom is the ultimate leadership capability. Great leaders throughout history with wisdom’s depth of insight and understanding have led our countries and our companies in times of challenge and broad reaching, long-lasting achievement.

Development opportunities for young managers in foreign countries

By: Daniel Kidd | Feb 24, 2012 Young managers in Wales are being provided with the opportunity to improve their leadership skills by taking up difficult assignments in developing countries.

Effective Strategies For A Successful Leader

By: Cody Watson | Feb 21, 2012 By being an active participant, you are showing your team that you are as much focused and interested about the project as the team members are. And it is always good to lend a helping hand when any of your team members is struggling to finish the work.

About leadership

By: Corina Vintan | Feb 14, 2012 Recent death of Steve Jobs made us once again to talk about the greatness of a true leader is needed about how a society leadership models.

Few qualities necessary to Adapt for becoming a Good Leader

By: Stuart Owens | Feb 11, 2012 Speaking about the duties of the president earlier in the paragraph, this could also be one of the qualities to become a good president. A good leader does not think much about him. He does not change the principles and guidelines. In fact he ensures good law and order. He set examples and makes people follow them. There are numerous books that are available written about leadership skill.

Conventional and New-age Leadership Attributes

By: Tina Reeves | Jan 16, 2012 Tailored leadership programs that focus on strategic thinking and organizational development are much needed for more productive action. Collective leadership is what happens when a large group of people come together and commit to making big things happen and this theory helps to encourage contribution of people who are involved in the decision making process.
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