Success Is Only One Thought Away!

By: Curtis Lee Lee | Oct 1, 2006 To become successful, the author suggests individual to adopt the Optimist mindset and the 4 Orientations that most successful people tend to have.

Choosing a Psychic

By: Tamara Hawk | Jul 23, 2006 If you are thinking of consulting a psychic, this article will help you separate the real from the fake psychics. Arm yourself with knowledge, read this before you decide who to trust

I died last week

By: Gene Ladnier | Jun 15, 2006 When I died last week I learned a very good lesson

Divorce  Past Life Regression case study

By: Orly Arava | Jun 6, 2006 Should I divorce him or not?

Past Life Discovery 101

By: Orly Arava | May 25, 2006 Who where you in your past life?What is the logic of reincarnation?What is a soul group?

Practicing Eternity

By: | May 6, 2006 Our physicists already know that multiple dimensions do exist, and that we live in only one small slice of a much greater whole that we cannot perceive with our five senses alone. Open your mind to a greater reality, and surf the Tao into eternity.

The History of Wicca  Where Did The Craft Originate

By: James Johnson | May 3, 2006 The history of Wicca or “The Craft” is complex but traditional Wicca is rooted in the so called "British Mystery Traditions", for example the Picts, who existed before the rise of Celtic consciousness, the Celts, and some Celtic Druidism.

Psychic Attack: Spiritual Purification and Cord Cutting

By: Lisa Whatley | Dec 4, 2005 Energy Stealers are everywhere! They are in your family, they are your friends and they are your co-workers. A more common name is a Psychic Vampire and we all know what vampires do! In this case the vampire is sucking our energy, depleting us and causing us to become unhealthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Spiritual purification and cord cutting are some tools that keep the vampires away!
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