6 Telephone Tips - Etiquette That's Necessary!

By: Tracey Gritz | Mar 24, 2012 Today, checking your phone on a regular basis is the new norm. We need to be connected to our email, texts, social networks, and calls. So, as a society, we carry our smart phones from the time we wake to the time we lay them on our bedside tables.

Are Your Limits Set?

By: Tracy Hoth | Mar 22, 2012 You've followed the steps of the SPASMâ„¢ acronym - SORTED (putting like with like), PURGED (concentrating on keeping ONLY the things you love, use and that enhance your life on a regular basis), ASSIGNED homes to each item (thinking logically using zones) and now are ready for step 4 = SET LIMITS!!

Value Of Gold Coins

By: rodernsmith | Mar 5, 2012 Silver coins are one of the oldest entities.

3 Areas Before Spring

By: Jill Annis | Mar 2, 2012 The first day of spring is 3 weeks away! For those of us that live in the mid-west, it doesn't necessarily mean the weather will be spring-like but the first day of spring is a day to celebrate, especially if it's been a rough winter.

Step 3...Assign That Home!

By: Tracy Hoth | Feb 25, 2012 First, you SORTED everything. The secret was to grab one thing at a time, putting like with like, until you were done!! Second, you went through each pile and PURGED concentrating on keeping ONLY the things you love, use and that enhance your life on a regular basis.

Copper ore mining plant

By: fanggaofeng | Feb 21, 2012 The crushing plant is widely used in the beneficiation plant to process raw of mine bauxite ore. In the Rio Tinto Alcan bauxite ore beneficiation plant, primary crusher, secondary crusher, tertiary crusher, sieving, transferring, feeding and washing equipment is widely used.

Organizational Behavior- The Essential thing in an Organization

By: Mark Bennett | Feb 21, 2012 Being a hated character is not good if you have the inbuilt and the dying need to become successful. Many of us have the urge to become successful and reach the topmost position of an organization. One of the most important and broad-based challenges facing organizations today is adapting to people who are different.

3 Marketing Strategies ...every 30 days

By: Elizabeth Hagen | Feb 18, 2012 Unfortunately, most independent professionals are marketing by a 'wing and a prayer'. They toss out random (if any) marketing strategies and then hope and pray someone will call them or e-mail and say "Hire me now".

So, I Have Sorted...Now What?

By: Tracy Hoth | Feb 10, 2012 The first step to organizing anything and everything is to SORT. The secret is to grab one thing at a time and put it in a pile. Keep up this process, putting like with like, until you are done!!

Ideas For Acquiring More Organization Back Into Your Life

By: muhammad irfanuddin | Jan 30, 2012 For anyone who is asking yourself how you are able to make much more time to do the points that happen to be seriously important to you then being organized is the important. This write-up provides some fantastic suggestions on receiving your life in order.
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