Clear the Clutter (and prevent it from happening in the first place)

By: Keri Dickerson | Jan 7, 2012 Learn how to make decisions and deal with clutter before it happens. This article focuses on that lesson and teaches you how to manage your mail.

Organize Decorations and Save Time Next Year

By: Jill Annis | Jan 6, 2012 The holidays are wrapping up and it's almost time to un-decorate your house. None of us look forward to this task. Do you tend to pack it up quickly and shove it into a box just to get it over with?

I'm Stuck...Where Do I Start?

By: Tracy Hoth | Dec 18, 2011 Are you overwhelmed as you stare at all the stuff on your to do list? Or, all the stuff piled around your home? Or, all the paper piled on top of your desk? Or, as you think of all the stress swirling around in your brain? Overwhelmed feelings keep us frozen in place and unsure what to do next. How do we get UN-stuck? What do we do first?


By: vikash kumar | Nov 26, 2011 The first that will pop in your head when you want to sell your car is giving it away to the local garage. This is probably the worst idea when selling an old car. The mechanic will always make you feel that your car is pure crap and is nothing more than junk. He will offer you very less in value.


By: vikash kumar | Nov 26, 2011 What will you do if you not willing to spend even one more penny on your old car? You may probably leave it in your garage or sell it to the junkyards. Well the nest time you are in such a position, then you might want to donate you car to some charity house.

5 Areas Before The Holidays

By: Jill Annis | Nov 8, 2011 The holiday season is only a few weeks away! Don't panic; let me help you prepare for the holidays without feeling overwhelmed and frazzled.


By: vikash kumar | Nov 6, 2011 While a lot of people are donating their car old cars for the purpose of getting tax deductions, no one really knows what happens to these donated cars. If in a running condition, these donated cars are used by the charity houses themselves for sick patients etc. else they are sold to raise money for some noble cause.

Reduce Clutter In Your Home With These Quick Organizing Ideas

By: Maria J | Nov 1, 2011 Reduce clutter in any room in your home, in about seven or eight minutes, with these quick organizing ideas. The first thing that you need to do is to grab a laundry basket or a box. Anything that is easy to hold and deep enough to fit lots of items.

Home inspection

By: Gulraiz23 | Oct 28, 2011 Homes are dear for every person and all of us like to have our own dwelling that is according to out requirements and expectations in all manners. However, there are lots of facts that are important while buying homes and assets.

Closet Makeover: Ideas for Organizing Bedroom Closets, Clothing and Accessories

By: Christine Mann | Oct 20, 2011 Transform your closets from a disaster zone into usable, storage in just a few hours. Find better ways to store your shoes, clothes, and accessories.
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