A Parent’s Ultimate Guide To ADHD – 5 Steps You Must Be Aware Of

By: Robert Locke | Oct 24, 2013 If we are faced with ADHD,let us take one step at a time. Or we could talk about baby steps because that is what life is all about. Read this article to make sure you are on the right track if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Get these five steps right and you can start crossing them off your list.

Relax and Enjoy The Graduation Party

By: Jane Andrew | Oct 10, 2013 Graduation party stress can be reduced just by working hard at the preparation.

5 Great Plan On Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

By: mike hawks | Oct 9, 2013 Birthdays are time to celebrate, meet with old and meet new friends.  But if it is your child’s first birthday party, you will want it to be the best and perfect birthday.  It doesn’t have to be that expensive, what is important are the memories that you and your baby will have on your baby’s 1st birthday.

What’s Best for Your Child

By: mike hawks | Oct 9, 2013 Most kids nowadays are so attached to the modern electronic game gears.  And sometimes they even don’t hear you calling them, because their minds are pre-occupied with all those video games.

The numerous Benefits of Playing to your Child

By: mike hawks | Oct 4, 2013 A childs main business in the becoming an adult years would be to play. This often informal activities, allows a young child to learn by experimenting on doing things around him and just how his emotion works inside him, says Linda Acredolo, professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis and coauthor of Baby Signs: How you can Engage with your Baby Before Your son or daughter Can

5 Bad Parenting Habits To Break

By: Neil Karen | Sep 26, 2013 Being a parent is not easy at all because it can be challenging and confusing. Many parents try not to upset their children at all costs.

Busy Parents’ Guide to Digital Safety: Monitoring kids’ Smart Phone

By: David Husan | Sep 25, 2013 If you’re a parent and busy with a 9 to 5 job and have some moonlighting stuff early in the morning or late at night, apart from all the things like spending a quality time with your kids, going out with the family or doing the things of your interest, one thing that will make you feel guilty the most is taking care of your child’s safety.

How To Get Your Kids To Eat

By: Shiloh Lundahl | Sep 24, 2013 This article is a parenting tip on how to get your child to eat without the fight and reducing the power struggle. When the power struggle is removed it makes it easier on the parent and the child.

Early Learning Center as the Groundwork for Toddler’s Growth

By: Allison Borland | Sep 7, 2013 The Perfect Early Learning Center is the Parent The most effective early learning center for your toddler is initially you, the mother and father. You've got the most suitable circumstance to teach your toddler via exposing them to optimistic occurrences from a very young age. Each day you are with them, you have the opportunity to create your child's experiences as a learning advantage.

The 4 S’s in Resolving Emotional Problems in Relationships

By: Shiloh Lundahl | Sep 6, 2013 How can husbands comfort their wives when wives feel emotional. Why logic isn't enough to create safety, security, support and lessen stress in relationships.
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