Check Some Important Load Runner Interview Questions

By: David Vilson | May 3, 2012 Load Runner Testing is one of the critical phases of software testing. As its name suggest, it is basically done to ascertain the loading time of a software or application, when multiple users are accessing it simultaneously.

A Race with an Ostrich - A Memorable and an Amazing Experience!

By: annphilip | Dec 28, 2011 Ostrich, belonging to the ratite family of birds, cannot fly due to the absence of a keeled sternum and small and loose feathers. But it compensates its inability to fly by running faster than a lion. Its long legs are very powerful that it can cover 3 to 5 meters in a single stride. Ostrich even has the potential to kill a human or its enemy as it has a pair of two-toed foot with a long and sharp

Finding the Perfect Designer Prom Dresses for You – Hourglass Shape

By: Derrick Snyder | Dec 12, 2011 When it comes to prom, every girl knows that it’s time to pull out all the stops and dress in a way that will make all the guys jaws drop. But achieving that isn’t as easy as a 5 minute beauty montage like it is in the movies. Continuing on with our body shape articles, we’re going to help that lucky girl with the hourglass figure find her sexy prom dress! Like for anyone else, balance is al

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By: christian0003 | Oct 13, 2011 discount christian louboutin shoes,christian louboutin sneakers

Good Personal Statements

By: Olga | Jul 29, 2011 Let’s discover what is a excellent personal statement? What rules and principal instructions should follow the author if he or she requirements to write good personal statements? So, just before writing a personal statement, you happen to be welcomed to country some crucial moment that has influenced on you. Writing a personal statement requires writing honestly and describes primary informatio

Factors That Affect Personality

By: Elena Bullock | Apr 4, 2011 Personality is defined with following important factors: period you were born, genes and society.

Finding an Effective Alzheimer Treatment

By: Morgan Hamilton | Nov 14, 2006 Due to the advances in medical technology, we have learned more about mysterious ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. However, there are still a lot of things that we don’t understand about this disease, and researchers have not yet found a cure. Doctors can prescribe a particular Alzheimer treatment, but the effects are only limited to some of the symptoms. Alzheimer patients around the world are hoping that researchers and doctors can succeed in their mission of finding a better Alzheimer treatment. Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia that happens when neurons or brain cells star...

Information On Why People Lie

By: Morgan Hamilton | Nov 10, 2006 When the question is posed why people lie, seldom does the person asking realize just how complicated that question is. The other day my 12 year old want to know why people, and although I have almost thirty years experience in forensic psychology, I very much labored to answer his inquiry. The truth is, as I told my nephew, that there is no simple reason why people lie, there really isn't a clear definition of what a lie and tales. Is an omission a lie? Maybe, maybe not, but if it is, it certainly isn't in the same way that a frank statement against fact is a lie. Is paying someone...

What Are The Oldest Cities In The United States

By: Kevin Fields | Oct 23, 2006 North American Indians were on the North American continent from as early as 11,000 BCE. But these early colonizers did not live in permanent settlements and left little in the way of permanent buildings. The Anasazi built towns such as Chetro Ketl, and the great complex of abandoned towns in Chaco Canyon, in what is now New Mexico. Mesa Verde is another ancient city that is over a thousand years old and was built by the Pueblo Indians. However, almost all of these ancient pueblos were abandoned and now stand as ruins rather than vibrant cities. The one exception being Acoma listed below. Mex...
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