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How to Use the Energy-Saving Lamps

By: Code Blue | Jun 21, 2013 In January, the U.S. "Science of life" contains an article to point out that New York State University researchers found through experiments that energy saving lamp has the stronger ultraviolet radiation than incandescent lights. At first, the researcher made a test to the UV emissions and phosphor layer of energy-saving lamps and filament lamp, and then compares effect of the energy-saving lamps

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

By: Lee Dobbins | Jun 19, 2013 Almost everyone wishes for whiter teeth because a mouth of white teeth not only makes their smile more beautiful but it also makes them look younger. To have bleached, bright-white teeth, you don’t need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for monthly supplies of chemicals. Here are five natural teeth whitening methods you can try to make your teeth as white as snow.

Body Language Techniques that would help you succeed in Business

By: masonlee | Jun 17, 2013 When it comes to business each and every business person knows what you say has never been important of how you say it.

Reasons for the Popularity of Energy Healing Los Angeles

By: edwordbella | Jun 11, 2013 Energy healing is a popular choice for many who want to suffer fewer complications from modern treatment. It is also ideal if one has the doctor’s approval to replace or supplement modern medicines with traditional ones.

Slowing Down Teens With GPS

By: Edna Holder | May 20, 2013 Every single parent understands that nothing is more important than the safety of children. However, as children become teens and soon thereafter teen drivers, personal safety becomes much more difficult to manage for parents.

Whose Jealous Are Stronger

By: Code Blue | May 4, 2013 In all human emotions, we hide the most emotion is the jealous. Perhaps because it is low evaluation, we are ashamed of it and did not dare to explore. However, if we can understand jealousy, we can make our lives a lot easier.

How to Adjust Your Emotion

By: Code Blue | Apr 26, 2013 Everyone is eager that everything goes well, but life is sweet and bitter. When we face disease entangled, pursuit of frustrated struggle and frustration, emotional injury, work pressure and other problems, negative emotions will generate. The bad emotion is remind to the inner to tell you this time should be in work condition, some problems need to be solved in life. So, how to resolve the negati

The Benefits of Attending a Prep School

By: Max Hunter | Apr 2, 2013 For the average student, school is a basic sequence through the public system, progressing through standardized curricula until being released into the world after graduation. The end goal of public schools is a high-school diploma and, with any luck, productive employment for their students. They often struggle with limited funding, delinquency and lacklustre faculty. Facilitating entry to a top

10 Love Yourself Tips for the Working Mum

By: Vanessa Talbot | Mar 22, 2013 A working mum is often burnt out from striving to find balance between her career and family that she ends up not having time for herself. If you are a working mum, then you know how hard it can be to meet other people's needs and still save some time to indulge your personal interests.

Attitude Change: Positive Affirmations Can Help

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2013 Are you the type of person that has that view on life that nothing ever works out for you? Keeping this type of mindset can actually keep you into a non-ending cycle where things actually work against you.
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