Self Improvement

Workplace Attitude: Change Can Make A Difference

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2013 Yes, attitude is everything. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, whether at home or at work, if you have a bad attitude then it will produce bad results.

How Does Positive Change Affect Your Attitude?

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2013 Making a positive change in your life can depend greatly on your attitude. Many people do not realize that their attitude is what is holding them back in life. So, what does all this attitude and change mean?

Your Attitude: How It Affects Others

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2013 Your life is affected by your attitude. Many people are not aware of just how much their lives are affected by their attitudes; positive or negative. People need to look deep inside their selves and decide if their lives are going the way they would like.

Obtain A Positive Attitude Through Personal Development

By: Jared Ingram | Mar 15, 2013 Taking a personal account of the person you are, and how others view you, can be beneficial to your personal development. In order to succeed in life it is vital to have a positive attitude.

How to Negotiate a Great Salary in any Job Market

By: Tyrone Norwood | Mar 4, 2013 Salary negotiation skills must be an essential component of every professional’s career toolbox if they are going to achieve new levels of earning power. Negotiating salary, however, is never an easy task, especially when a professional is highly motivated, if not desperate, to take the job, or any job. Salary negotiations can be quite intimidating unless they are conducted in a prudent and prod

Methods which will help you increase your IQ

By: Lisa Colonel | Feb 25, 2013 Read this article and find out what activities you could do to increase you intellect.

Get Younger and More Radiant Skin

By: Mary Weaver | Feb 20, 2013 It's been centuries since Ponce de Leon first sought out the fountain of youth; however, people are still on a quest for eternal beauty and radiance. These two factors are associated with being youth, and many want to know how they can achieve such wonder. What are your options?

Remove Beer Stains Easily

By: John Nicholson | Feb 19, 2013 An easy how to about cleaning beer stains properly. Learn some helpful advice about the cleaning procedure.

Learn Basic Spanish With Books And CDs

By: Jose Luis Fernandez | Jan 28, 2013 If you like to learn basic Spanish without taking classes, you can still make improvise on your own though process is slower. Such as CDs and audio books which you can find both online and in your nearest bookstores.

Learn Basic Spanish For Business People

By: Jose Luis Fernandez | Jan 28, 2013 People have different reasons to learn Spanish. Some just want to learn, speak and write the language. Others need to in order to adopt to the people and culture in Spain. Especially business people on overseas trips.
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