Self Improvement

How To Be More Confident

By: Rooney Shelton | Aug 10, 2013 There are so many reasons that break your confidence level, from small things such as having dark circles under your eyes to more serious problems like failing a university entrance exam. Here are some tips that you can follow to gain more confidence.

Get Over Your Public Speaking Anxiety With Self-Help Literature

By: chickie maxwell | Aug 9, 2013 There are a lot of tricks and tips you can use to get over public speaking anxiety, but the best way to conquer it is with a long-term solution. There is a wide array of people who suffer from public speaking anxiety that can affect their careers and their lives. Sales professionals, ministers, doctors and teachers are just some of the professions that rely on the ability to speak in public to do

Get more friends easily

By: JoffreyBaratheon | Jul 15, 2013 Some of us have just struggled when it came to making friends and keeping them. Over time some things can be said about this process.

Say goodbye to your sun problems

By: largebusiness | Jul 11, 2013 We all have experienced some kind of skin problem or the other at some phases of your life.

Life coaching intense insecurity

By: mindpower | Jul 10, 2013 I am pleased to say, despite her good looks, I was not tempted.It was also difficult for her to be convinced thatanyone could help her given thatshe had already invested so much in gaining all the knowledge. However, I do find that when resistance surfaces in the coaching program, my clients end up sharing a lot of emotional issues and the program is designed to allow them to resolve these issues.

Career coach Perth

By: mindpower | Jul 10, 2013 These are some points, such as life purpose, confidence and determination. These are basic points to go higher place in society.

Life coaching for Skills of life

By: George Helou | Jul 10, 2013 Life coaching can teach you the life skills that you need to live your purpose.

Life coaches training – live your life properly

By: mindpower | Jul 8, 2013 These are all important skills how to get prominent in society and how to make place in society.

The Modern World And Pursuit Of Happiness

By: Hijab al faisal | Jul 8, 2013 Different people approach happiness differently and associate these phenomena to various factors. To some, happiness originates from wealth, for others it stands for social status and still to some others; the analogue of happiness is the power and control over others. Some people attach happiness with their upbringing and ethical backgrounds.

Maintain High-Level of Self-Motivation to Achieve Success in Life

By: Chandresh | Jul 4, 2013 In order to meet the varying demands of this world, it is very essential to maintain high level of motivation. In fact, it is very essential to remain self-motivated.
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