Discuss the growth of Footwear industry in India and its consequences

By: Lakha Armaan | Feb 26, 2013 In the transforming era where footwear industry in India has shown an outgrowth in the recent years due to its increased demand, however the industry has faced multiple challenges in terms of infrastructure, resources and facilities etc.

Looking for Girls’ Shoes? Get Them at Shoe Carnival

By: AliceCornelius | Feb 21, 2013 Before you buy your little girl a pair of shoes make sure that you know how to get the best one. There are factors you should consider first.

Enter the Love Meter

By: Grace Alex | Feb 11, 2013 Measure your love around the love meter. May you and your spouse last through the test of time? Are you a match produced in heaven?

Stylish Women's Accessories

By: Priscilla Shaftesbury | Jan 30, 2013 Boaters which are usually developed for ambitious not to mention daring most women even status big in relation to marketing shapes.

Party Shoes Will Enhance Your Beauty

By: Eileen | Oct 27, 2012 To choose a proper pair of shoes will certainly enhance your beauty. This article gives some introductions to the fashion shoes.

Considering Branded Wellington Boots

By: Garry Kyler | Oct 15, 2012 Wellington boots are growing popular with a plethora of choices sprouting every season. Wellington boots or wellies are now found in almost all homes in UK due to the myriad of designs and colors.

Quick Guide For Shopping Military Boots

By: Eric A. Polk | Oct 10, 2012 When you hear about army boots, what comes to mind is the rough ground to be traversed by the wearer. It's a common perception that military boots are meant to be used when moving through jungles, forests, desert sands and rocky or simply muddy roads. However these days, use of all these exceptional boots isn't exclusively for the army personnel.

Where To Buy The Most Quality And Well-known Branded Boots?

By: Sui Rose | Sep 19, 2012 Branded UGG BOOTS can be a sign that the arches of the feet are weakening and may be at risk from a strain injury and discomfort and pain are often the result. If this does happen, using a Foot medics Active orthotic can help restore the foots natural position within the boot or placing a Stay fresh Fleece Insole in a deeper standard shoe can provide the insulation required in colder weather.

Jordan 13 The Ideal Sporting Solution

By: shoesgroup | Jul 11, 2012 he had not known that this was MJ's secret nickname. The whole aspect of the name was later clarified. When a cat falls, it always lands on its feet and is able to reflexively twist its body using its sense of balance and flexibility. This characterized MJ's ways in the game.

Mostly Used Sports Shoes

By: LiuNicole | Jul 6, 2012 Sports or athletic shoes were firstly invented by an American company in in starting 19th century and that was the first process known today as sneaker made by vulcanization of rubber in the form of soft soles. These sports shoes helped out most to athletes work stronger with comfort feeling.
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