Creflo Dollar - Hearing Your Way to Success

By: Creflo Dollar | Aug 18, 2012 When S. Truett Cathy opened up the first Chick–fil–A restaurant at an Atlanta, Georgia mall in 1967, he became a pioneer in the fast–food industry, being the first to market the boneless chicken sandwich. However, it wasn't just savvy marketing strategies that brought Cathy and the Chick–fil–A team to the top. It was his commitment to God by closing his restaurants on Sundays, one of the

Creflo Dollar - Yield to Love

By: Creflo Dollar | Aug 18, 2012 Love and selfishness are the two greatest forces in life. A person chooses to walk in one or the other every day. What many people call love really isn't love at all. Real love—which is agape love or the God kind of love—is unconditional, limitless, selfless and is not based on emotions. It is extremely tolerant.

Creflo Dollar - Eliminate the Fear Factor

By: Creflo Dollar | Aug 18, 2012 Are you afraid of heights? Or do you become hysterical at the mere sight of spiders? Perhaps you live in constant fear that you will never get ahead in life. Whether you are afraid of heights, spiders or failure, let's be clear on one thing; it is not good to have any amount of fear in your life.


By: Mariana Sarceda | Jul 31, 2012 Christian books are one of the best ways parents have to introduce children to the idea of God and the principles of Christianity.

An Easy Way to Learn Tarot Reading

By: Yuri Romanov | Jun 25, 2012 Tarot card reading has grown to be immensely popular today. People have this belief that a tarot card reader can make use of such a deck of cards in giving answers to some of the most confusing questions in their lives. When used properly and accurately, answers may be taken as well as guides may also be used to direct people in their decision.

Shivyog Meditation: An Overview on Its Benefits

By: James Jackson | Jun 11, 2012 You can have a balanced life and all the pleasures in life while you move steadily towards self realization. This can be achieved with the help of the traditional shivyog meditation technique.

The transit of venus and how this will affect us astrologically

By: Sheela Gandhi | Jun 7, 2012 Venus passed directly between the Sun and Earth on 6 June 2012. This happens rarely and the next transit will happen in 2117. The Transit of Venus appeared as a very small dot on the Sun's circumference.

7 Steps To Increase The Peace Of God And Live A Fulfilling Life

By: Ngozi Nwoke | May 31, 2012 Do you want to live a fulfilling life? The peace of God is a catalyst for a fulfilled life. The more of God's peace you experience, the more your life is fulfilling. This article gives the steps to increase the peace of the Lord.

Three Considerations When Buying Soothing Fireplaces for the Home

By: Cedric Loiselle | May 30, 2012 Fire is a powerful pacifier. It can soothe the soul, and it is quite entertaining to watch. Moreover, it is also a great source comfort. And although soothing fireplaces may not seem like a practical part of your home interiors, it sure can make your nights more memorable and luxurious.

Discover more about dream analysis and interpretation

By: Ms Amanno | May 29, 2012 Dream analysis and interpretation is important for those people who want to understand their subconscious mind, the inaccessible and elusive part that appears when you sleep. Acknowledging and figuring out dreams is the basic step towards unhooking one’s innermost hidden potential and wishing for the change you always look for.
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