Stress Management

Mining Industry Prepares To Take Challenge

By: DSMATERIAL | Apr 25, 2012 The National Development and Reform Commission of China announced to raise fuel price from 20, March. Gasoline and diesel price increase to 600 Yuan per ton and it means china fuel price reaches up to "eight Yuan", creating a new record. With the fluctuation in fuel market,Chinawas forced to raise their oil price.


By: Darlene Lancer, MFT | Apr 23, 2012 Last year, a study reported that despite improvement in women’s lives, their happiness relative to men has declined since the ’70s, when the reverse was true. This held true across racial and socio-economic lines in several industrialized countries. Women’s happiness also declines with age. In contrast, men’ happiness has increased and increases with age. Do you worry that you are depres

To Trust or Mistrust – Part I

By: Darlene Lancer, MFT | Apr 20, 2012 Many people claim that they trust others until they have reason not to, but when you first meet someone, you don’t know anything about their integrity or past conduct, except what they tell you. Trustworthiness is proven over time by actions, not only by words. You can get hurt by believing what people say and ignoring their actions To be trustworthy, a person has to “walk their talk” – wo

How Effective Stress Management Benefits Every Individual?

By: Aditi Jaiswal | Apr 13, 2012 Stress management is an important step that a person must consider once he/she identifies that they are always locked up in difficult circumstances, regardless of the cause. Nevertheless some forms of tension release the extra burst of energy and end up giving some positive as well as creative outcomes for your body. However, on the contrary, tension that lingers for long duration produces unwante

Mind Conditioning: Key to an Individual’s Success

By: Aditi Jaiswal | Apr 11, 2012 Are you playing up to your abilities? Are you under tremendous pressure? Is your brain not supporting you? Whether you are practicing for a marathon or trying to improve your performance at work, mental conditioning is something that can help you reach your goals. There are several benefits of improved concentration, focus, controlled emotions as well as confidence to face a challenge.

Try to feel your Dream – Nightmare – Feel of anxiety and terror!

By: Rita Dawson | Apr 5, 2012 Dreams - An aspiration that is exceptionally gratifying with a wild fancy that occurs in the mind during sleep. It’s nothing but a sequence of imaginary thoughts. Everybody in this world is a dreamer indeed. You can dream about anything. I started wonder more about dreams when watched the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in the Internet offered in Century Bundles. The film was all about nig

Stress and Your Health

By: Lynette Crane | Mar 29, 2012 A recently released Yale University study, published online the week of January 9, 2012, in the journal Biological Psychiatry, shows that stress causes the brain to shrink because the stress hormones eat away at brain tissue, literally making holes in your brain.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Stressed? 12 Ideas to Fix the Pressure

By: Larry L. Taylor | Mar 28, 2012 Stress can happen because of a lot of different things that we have to deal with daily. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out why stress exists and what triggers it, and it can be hard to find ways to relieve yourself of it. This article can help you learn how to deal with your stressful situations. Stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed; fix the pressure and relax. Here is how.

Integrity – The Secret To Happiness

By: Michelle Morand | Mar 27, 2012 It is possible to find peace with your body image and the answering is surprising: integrity. Integrity means words and actions are in alignment and this simple concept can stop the triggers of anxiety that start the destructive behaviors of using food to cope.

Cardio Stress Test

By: Charles berger | Mar 26, 2012 Our heart is considered as the most important in our body. It requires being in a good condition all the time because it could affect the other organ in the body when it is not functioning well. There are a lot of heart tests that you need to do in order to know the condition of your heart.
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