What has more caffeine, black or green tea?

By: Andrea Watkins | Apr 21, 2012 When you drink tea there are many things to consider from the flavour, to whether you want milk and sugar, to how much caffeine is going to go into it.

Where To Buy Black Tea And Other Teas Produced In Kenya

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 When people think of tea, the first countries that come to mind are usually China and India, which makes sense as these are the world's biggest two tea producers, followed by Sri Lanka (near India). Kenya, by comparison, is slightly less well-known, even though it is currently the world's fourth largest tea-producing country, and has been for some time.

Tea and Caffeine

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 There have been many reports over the years that people who buy tea and drink it regularly are actually consuming as much caffeine as if they were drinking coffee.

All the Tea in China

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 There is a reason that the common saying refers to "all the tea in China"; after all, the Far East is where loose tea was first brewed as a drink and where many of the most popular varieties, including many types of green tea, still come from today. Although cheaper imports were eventually grown in India and Sri Lanka, it is recognised among connoisseurs that the best types, whether black or green

Get Some Spice in Your Life With This Healthy Coffee Alternative

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 In my house we decided to give up coffee for a while to explore any differences in our bodies without it. My husband started making me tea every morning so I figured I'd better find out what in the world I was drinking.

How Oolong Tea Got Its Name

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 Oolong tea can be described as a hybrid between the green and black varieties as its process incorporates elements from these two cousins- semi-oxidized and all.

The Art of Serving Tea

By: jason xiao | Apr 21, 2012 After water, tea is the most frequently consumed beverage on the face of the earth. In ancient China tea was regarded as one of the seven daily necessities of life; for many Japanese it has served as a ritual element in the quest for enlightenment.

Chinese Medicinal Tea and Chinese Craftsmanship

By: justinbayer | Apr 18, 2012 Traditional Chinese craftsmanship is the essence of Puzhen Life’s product series. And health & wellbeing brand with the highest-quality Chinese aromatherapy diffusers, essential oils, Chinese Black Tea pu-er, & Jun Kiln Porcelain.

Mouthful of Savoring, Sweet-Smelling Tea Stimulating Mind and Body

By: jtc | Apr 14, 2012 India is a leading tea exporter across the world. Though, now as a result of large number of competitors, the tea industry of India is under threat .So the government needs to take steps in order to boost tea industry such as developing innovative methods of tea packaging.

The Japanese Green Tea

By: Jon Fernandis | Apr 13, 2012 Japanese Green Tea is such a widespread and loved beverage in Japan and the world that it is mostly referred as “tea” only, with the works Japanese and Green being dropped due to its ubiquitous presence.
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