Time Management

5 Ways to Reset Your Body Clock

By: Wanda Curry | Jun 10, 2013 You suddenly wish to go back to working at daytime but your circadian rhythm is already disrupted. To be able to reset your body clock, you have to find ways to effectively help you.

Making Time, Is It Possible?

By: Samantha Hanrahan | Apr 22, 2013 The common saying is "I will make time for you" but how is that possible? We just don't have time anymore to do anything, we are all just running around like crazy people trying to get caught up finishing our daily routines, and god forbid an unscheduled event or surprise be added to our hectic day.

Remembering Dreams Made Easier

By: Zenith Mcgill | Feb 19, 2013 Another new and innovative way, which makes remembering dreams even more fun and easy, is the latest range of mobile apps. Dreams are considered to be an insight of our past or future.

Life Balance Begins With Thought Control

By: Sarah Zink | Feb 13, 2013 We all get up every morning hoping that our dreams are fulfilled in one regard or another, yet we all lack simplistic thinking mechanisms and attitudes that, if put into play, can allow us all to live as if we’ve already received the coveted prizes we’ve all been seeking our entire lives.

How to Be In Charge Of Your Future - A Guide to Controlling Time

By: Robert Stallard | Jan 11, 2013 Your time is of least as much importance as anybody else's. If you do not respect yourself and value your time, why should other people?

Rest More and you Will Get to Do More

By: Andrew Horton | Mar 25, 2012 If you are driven to succeed, I am sure that you work as hard as you can every day, trying to give 100 % to everything you do. The question I have about this philosophy, where you give 100 % every day and work until you can't anymore, is that, without time to recover, our bodies gradually break down. Those of you that go to gym will know exactly what I am talking about. If you push yourself every day, working to your max, never taking a day off to rest and recover.

Work / Life Balance...It is Achievable!

By: Steve McClatchy | Mar 22, 2012 Movement in our lives towards goals and improvement is what creates balance. It creates the excitement and adrenaline that we need to keep going. At the end of the day it offers peace of mind that we have not wasted time, that we have identified where we want to go and we have done something about it instead of just standing still and aging through another day. The momentum created by improvement and results motivates and inspires us to do even more the next day.

Importance of Corporate Workshop for the Professionals

By: John | Mar 13, 2012 As the professionals are involved in such training courses, these courses are really helpful for the corporate officers and mangers. These training consultants are appointed to coach the people of top positions of a company and sometimes they are appointed to coach the general resources. For the higher level authorities and officers, leadership training, executive coaching programs etc. are very p

Why Leadership Training is Important for Managers?

By: John | Mar 6, 2012 The corporate world has changed a lot than it was even a few years ago. It has become much more competitive and professional. The leadership, like everything else, has changed a quite lot. During a very short period of time it has changed its nature dramatically. This is the reason why developing a personals leadership skill is so much important.

Successful Time Management for Your Business

By: John | Mar 3, 2012 Time management is a procedure of controlling, understanding and development that how much time is spent on different activities in an organization. It is used in different situations to make it possible to increase effectiveness as well as to understand how much time that has really been spent on several actions. There are so many objectives in controlling time spent for activities. Now some orga
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