What’s the Right Adderall Dosage?

By: Alicia Harris | Mar 6, 2013 Adderall is a medication made for treating the patients suffering from the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This disorder can be equally found in adults and children. The medication helps in overcoming the ADHD symptoms. It is made from four amphetamine compounds which make it more effective than other medications that are to be given once a day.

Recuperating From Addiction to Alcohol

By: Clinton Dixon | Jun 2, 2012 Addiction to alcohol is a social evil; it harms the addicted, his family and whole society. If you notice anyone getting into alcoholism then you should take him to a reputed alcohol rehab center. It will help the patient to recover from his dependence on alcohol.

What Type of Personality is Most Likely to Steal?

By: Ari Novick, Ph.D. | May 8, 2012 Personality disorders can be difficult to handle and very dangerous. A person suffering from a personality disorder will tend to have strange or unusual behavior. This behavior might be manifested by poor or inaccurate response, lack of insight, causing trouble for and disturbing people around them and so on. Often people with such disorders are difficult to trust and maintain a relationship with.

Alcohol Addiction Among Adolescents

By: Noureen Tanveer | Apr 24, 2012 It is no secret that young people across America to try alcohol on a daily basis. The statistics say it is common that young people have experimented with drugs and / or alcohol during the school year in high school. This is an alarming change even twenty years ago. Each year the children have discovered drugs and alcohol in the past than the generation before them.

Letting Go Of Addictive Problems

By: Catherine Dionisio | Apr 3, 2012 An addiction to drugs or alcohol can be stopped. What are ways to gain new motivation and increase your intent?

Stopping Drinking - 3 Important Things to Remember

By: Martin S | Apr 1, 2012 For someone who have ever thought quitting drinking and never, never again open an alcohol bottle in their lives, it might look impossible to stay away from this evil habit. Here are the three main things which helped me to start my life in another dimension being happy, feeling fortunate and healthy.

Top 4 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

By: Martin S | Apr 1, 2012 If you are reading this article, you have thought about quitting drinking at least once in your lifetime. Maybe you are a heavy drinker, like to spend Friday nights in the pubs or clubs, or maybe even worse - you are an alcoholic. Probably at this moment you don't see any valuable reason to stop drinking, but let me show you some.

Codependency And Addiction Issues

By: Catherine Dionisio | Mar 29, 2012 What is codependency and how can people break out of this pattern?

Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms Timeline

By: nnassif | Mar 26, 2012 The term quitting is valued when it comes to drugs like opiates. To quit opiates demands a lot of will power and absolutely professional help from a medical specialist. The body becomes so dependent on the constituents of these opiates that these have to be eliminated medically to entirely eradicate their effects.

Hiding An Alcohol Problem Is Not Safe

By: Jill Cohen | Mar 7, 2012 Drinking alcohol is often done furtively. This is dangerous to the drinker as well as others.
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