Understanding Alcohol Halfway Houses

By: Catherine Dionisio | Mar 6, 2012 Alcoholism can rob someone of a full life and destroy one's potential. Halfway houses are ways to help with recovery.

What's the deal with these e-cigarettes anyways?

By: Brian V. Menard | Mar 4, 2012 I first learned of E-cigarettes about a year ago. Because my friends were well aware that I was a heavy smoker, several of them approached me from time to time to show-off their new e-cigarette discovery. However, I wasn't interested in considering the possibility of quitting smoking at that time. Since then, I stumbled upon some articles online and realized that perhaps I should take a 2n

Christian Relationship Help: How to Deal With Alcoholism in a Loved One

By: Karla Downing | Feb 9, 2012 This Christian relationship help will show you how to deal with alcoholism in a loved one. Proverbs 20:1 say, "Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise" (NIV), but you don't need a proverb to tell you that too much alcohol is a problem not only for the person who drinks but for the family members too. Here are some principles that will show you how to deal wit

How is Sober Living Different from Rehab?

By: Christine de Guzman | Dec 13, 2011 Is there a difference between staying in a rehabilitation facility and a sober living home? Find out how recovery homes differ from treatment centers.

10 Symptoms That You Are The Internet Addict

By: Milan Dinic | Dec 12, 2011 Discussion about Internet addiction. How (not) to catch it, which symptoms are common.

The Benefits of Alcohol Treatment Programs

By: Kate Web | Nov 28, 2011 If you want to stop drinking, there are many benefits involved in undergoing managed alcohol detoxification. The aim is for the patient to completely break from alcohol use, whilst being managed and advised by trained professionals who can give medical and psychological support.

The Twelve Steps: Paving a Path to Sobriety

By: ryan garcia | Nov 2, 2011 Staying on the path to sobriety can be difficult. Discover how a twelve-step program and staying in a sober living house or sober living home can help.

How to Choose the Best Recovery House in California

By: ryan garcia | Nov 2, 2011 Sustaining recovery is difficult especially if you do not live in an environment that is supportive of your sobriety efforts. Discover how sober living can help.
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