Safety Precautions for Bike Riders

By: Smith Alen | Jan 10, 2014 The bike riding is one of the great enjoying phenomenons that give more entertainment. In other side there is danger that can cause for death if the safety precautions are taken while riding the bikes. On the purpose of saying this is not to ignore taking safety precautions on riding and to protect you and others from the accidents because we have only way to prevent ourselves from the accidents b

Using Affirmations in Your Personal Development

By: Darrin Wiggins | Sep 4, 2013 Positive affirmations - like "I can do this!" - help many people to find the quick motivation that they need to keep up their spirits. These help you to feel confident; be able to accomplish more; and grow as a person.

What to do Before a Divorce

By: Tim Roberts | Jun 26, 2013 If you feel that you are heading for a divorce, one of the first things that you will need to do is sort out your finances. These are some steps that you can take that should help you with the process.

14 Tips for New Riders

By: Lisa Nelle | Mar 5, 2013 Here are 14 horsemanship tips for new riders. With years of experience in both the equestrian and fashion industries, I have always taken inspiration from what's happening now on the runway to the ring. As a rider myself it is always good to get tips from fellow riders. Here is a short list of tips that will do some good when out riding.

The “Long-term” Director Suddenly Quits

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | Nov 27, 2012 Many years ago, I worked for an organization who couldn’t keep a director more than a year. In essence, the director was in charge of managing the day-to-day business of the company. Other than working into the evenings on some days, the position didn’t seem too tough, especially since much of the work was delegated to the competent staff.

4 Ways to Get Your Ex Back the Shocking Truth

By: Josh Tuttle | Jun 6, 2012 Most people have an image in their mind of their ideal partner and also how their perfect relationship should be. When the person that they thought was ideal does not conform to the ideals that they have it can cause contention within the relationship. Developing guidelines for what you want in a partner is a great step but you must be adaptable. Understanding the past and those things that can

Collaboration: The New Gold

By: Scott Miller | May 30, 2012 Like the cells in our organs, we share connections with everyone and everything around us often in ways that we do not comprehend. If our eyes could see more than just light—could see all the various forms of energy streaming through our world—we would behold a continual exchange of power without beginning or end, without owners, lenders or leasers.

Abusive Parents: Why Do They Deny What Happened?

By: Oliver J R Cooper | May 19, 2012 Parents that are abusive often deny that the abuse has ever taken place. And if it is not denied then it may even be minimized. Both of these actions can have devastating consequences on the lives of those that were abused. So here I want to take a closer look at why parents deny or minimize abuse and why adult children of abuse are affected by this denial and minimization.


By: Veri Slim | May 9, 2012 The attraction and appeal of slim and graceful figure is undeniable. Obesity triggers symptoms of several diseases. Dieting and exercises help people to lose weight safely and steadily. Diet pills and anti obesity medicines help people to lose weight faster.

How to Properly Store Your Books

By: Matt Schexnayder | May 8, 2012 With the growing popularity of e-readers and tablets, actual books are becoming passe, but still most of us have that massive book collection taking up space in our home. This article will give you some tips on what to do with those books, and how to do it properly.
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