How Should People Ensure Adequate Arrangements

By: Lia Jones | May 7, 2012 How will a person feel if he is not served water or he does not get water when he goes to some place? He certainly will not feel very good. It is a basic etiquette to serve water to another person when he visits our house or office. Offices are those places where work is done and many people do the work by combining their efforts

Look for the treasure inside people

By: Arnold Groenewald | May 5, 2012 This article gives guidance on dealing with people

Ending Self Sabotage

By: Jane Thomson | May 5, 2012 The trick to getting more money is having some. If you’ve been reading up on success philosophy at all, you’ve heard many sayings about the power of the mind.

Tips of Staying Positive when you Lost your Job

By: hxjqChina | May 3, 2012 Tips of Staying Positive when you Lost your Job

10 Stupid Things to Avoid Saying at This Year’s Holiday Party

By: Dr. Jimmie Flores | May 1, 2012 You’re not too excited about the holiday party this year, but it seems like an obligatory event. Last year you made up an excuse that few believed, and you skipped it. This is a new year, and you are going to make the best of it.

Marital Success Secrets

By: Noah Brown | Apr 27, 2012 Many people associate personal growth with getting healthier or becoming financially successful. However, personal growth techniques can benefit your marriage and love relationships. Learn how to make your marriage stronger with these easy marital success secrets.

How to Ease Your Relationship With Your Partner

By: Noel Worli | Apr 27, 2012 Everyone will accept that a fine dinner and an excellent bottle of wine at a peaceful hotel or affectionate restaurant will set the state of mind for romance, however, have you watched the price tag? Not everybody can afford to expend huge money on romance every time, but a bit of innovation can obtain the equivalent results without breaking your pocket.

How to Make Your Online Relationship into Real One

By: Noel Worli | Apr 27, 2012 Let us assume that you are chatting someone online and that individual seems to be perfect for your life as a life partner, however, he/she is living quite far away from you. So you must be thinking it is worth spending your time for a long-distance relationship with this person? Or What if this person can really be your soul mate?

How to Make Your Partner Respects You

By: Noel Worli | Apr 27, 2012 Appreciation is one of the essential human values. Similarly, it applies to persons, is characterized as a sentiment of affection or respect for a person. This sensation, mostly a result of a person's attainments. While all persons be worthy of respect, only few of them receive this. Everybody wishes to be respected by other people but not all of them receive it. It’s significant to first defin

Christians And Divorce: Six Myths About The Effects of Divorce On Adult Children

By: Karla Downing | Apr 25, 2012 Christians have a divorce rate roughly equal to non-Christians. They also share the same six myths about the effects of divorce on adult children. Most people know that divorce has a huge impact on minor children but not everyone realizes that adult children are also significantly affected. Here are the six myths...
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