The importance of sleeping to beauty

By: JENNIFER QUINN | Mar 11, 2010 It is certain that sleeping is very important for your health especially your beauty. It helps you not only recover energy after a working day, but also keep your beauty long-lasting. However, much sl

Old-fashioned makeup trends

By: Rooney Shelton | Mar 9, 2010 Women today always want to keep pace with the trend of the era, including the latest beauty trends. Update the hot makeup trends, and you will be confident with your own choice. Below are dé

Preparing yourself for perfect dating on March 8

By: Elizabeth Woods | Mar 8, 2010 Most women wish to look beautiful and splendid for their dating. With the following simple steps, you will definitely make your man ecstatic from the first sight of your dating.

Tips for bigger eyes with makeup

By: Phillips Crook | Mar 5, 2010 There's an old saying - "the eyes are the windows to the soul." That’s why the eyes are one of the first physical features one notices about you. Therefore, many women long to make their eyes look big

What to Give Your Women on March 8?

By: Sarah Skovachez | Feb 24, 2010 International Women’s Day 2010 is coming near. It is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. In some celebrations, the day simply becam
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