Find the Course of Your Love Through Love Tarot Reading

By: Roma Thakur | Jul 4, 2013 Lucky are those to whom love comes in life. It is better to have loved and lost rather than not love at all. If you belong to this category and are lucky to have someone who loves you, you will naturally be curious to know the course of your love.

Benefits of vastu shastra

By: Vikas | Jun 25, 2013 In ancient times the human habitats were generally constructed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra and people lived happily. In those days the members of a joint family used to be content, prosperous and happy. But, today, despite the families being small, peace and happiness remains a far cry.

Astrological Predictions Live

By: Vikas | Jun 25, 2013 Astrology helps you understand that your life has meaning. It puts your life into perspective.

Know Your Zodiac: Scorpio

By: Truthstar | May 6, 2013 Scorpions have ‘two pincer-like claws’ and when a scorpion traps its victims with its claws, it "injects a disabling sting using its weapon.


By: Andra Draghici | May 3, 2013 Does astrology have a place in the fast-moving, ultra-scientific world we live in today? Can it be justified in a sophisticated society whose outriders are already preparing to step off the moon into the deep space of the planets themselves?

Have a glimpse on Libra Daily Horoscope

By: Truthstar | Apr 25, 2013 Librans, just like Balanced Scale, the symbol of their zodiac sign, like to lead an equilibrated lifestyle. They want everything in a well managed, systematic manner.

Know your sun sign: Taurus

By: Truthstar | Apr 23, 2013 Taurus befalling in the second place in our zodiac sign system is all about the gift. Apart from this, Aries admire games; it gets high regards of an activity.

Aquamarine talisman stone for Libra zodiac sign

By: Karma | Mar 23, 2013 Ideal for all Libra zodiac sign is Aquamarine gemstone. Born from September 24 to October 23. Each gem belongs to a particular zodiac sign. Wearing a stone that not fits you can have a bad influence on your destiny. Aquamarine (noble beryl) - a kind of transparent beryl. Named from "aquamarine" Latin means "sea water."

What you know about Aquamarine gemstone, aquamarine medicinal properties

By: Karma | Mar 23, 2013 Aquamarine - resistant to abrasion gem, that has a high purity. The larger is the stone size, the richer seems to be its color compared to the smaller stones of the same color.

How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

By: Manisha Shamra | Mar 15, 2013 The ancient science of predictive Astrology helps you know your employees better. An employer-employee relation is quite special, both of them stand to gain or lose a lot from each other.
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