An Easy Way to Learn Tarot Reading

By: Yuri Romanov | Jun 25, 2012 Tarot card reading has grown to be immensely popular today. People have this belief that a tarot card reader can make use of such a deck of cards in giving answers to some of the most confusing questions in their lives. When used properly and accurately, answers may be taken as well as guides may also be used to direct people in their decision.

The transit of venus and how this will affect us astrologically

By: Sheela Gandhi | Jun 7, 2012 Venus passed directly between the Sun and Earth on 6 June 2012. This happens rarely and the next transit will happen in 2117. The Transit of Venus appeared as a very small dot on the Sun's circumference.

Eclipses and its impact

By: Ramani Seshadri | May 16, 2012 The article explains about the eclipses and what it implies to our lives?. Also remedial prayers procedure are given in detail.

Assess Love Relationships Horoscopically and Avoid Heartaches!

By: Pandit Punarvasu | May 16, 2012 The major areas of compatibility is to know whether the relationship is harmonious to each other by knowing the temperaments, instant responses etc. whether both are lucky or supportive to each other in different phases of life that includes the major areas like finances, upbringing the family, socially etc.

Celebrity Taurus: Robert Pattinson

By: David Daniel | May 14, 2012 British actor, model and producer, the very popular vampire of the hollywood, John Pattinson was born on May 13th 1986 in London-England. He started which at the age of 12 then he started showing in many advertising. Pattinson performs the instrument and the instrument, and also makes up his own music.

3 Major Techniques in Astrology Forecasting

By: Jackson Swift | May 14, 2012 A very ancient discipline, astrology has been used as early as 25,000 years ago to look into the relationship between the heavenly bodies and events in the human world, understanding the past, present and the future within a universe full of meaning.

Invite a Fortune Teller to entertain the party

By: Ratan Bhutani | May 14, 2012 Fortune Teller is a person who can predict an individual's future life and inform him or her about the unknown side of the life.

Astrologer Services: a detailed analysis

By: Ratan Bhutani | May 14, 2012 Fortune tellers are unique, gifted individuals with latent psychic talents they develop through intense meditation and unifying with a power above to tell you your fortune.

Create a better future and present with Astrology and Vastu

By: hitesh kumar saini | May 12, 2012 In the age of science scientists are trying to create something like astrology so that people can know about there exact future as they created some drugs/tests by using them a doctor can predict the future diseases of the newly born child. However, the astrology is always the base so today there is many people who are interested in astrology as well as Vastu and few people are good astrologer or

It's all about Taurus

By: David Daniel | May 11, 2012 Read on and find out everything about being a Taurean or about a person with this zodiac sign in your life.
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