Running the race

By: Adrian Pursglove | Apr 29, 2012 If you are a Christian the bible says according to Hebrews 12 verse 1 that you are in a race. Whenever we watch a long distance race such as a marathon we can learn so much from the runners' endurance and dedication and apply it to our own lives.

Memorial Bookmarks For Funerals

By: Michael Brangman | Apr 25, 2012 Memorial bookmarks for funerals are truly an excellent idea to be given away as a token of remembrance for your loved one. These bookmarks are easy mementos which can be used as give away to the invites who attend the memorial service.

Sermons About Faith That Really Works

By: Ranil Jaramillo | Apr 22, 2012 The book of James is considered the most questionable books from the New Testament, but possibly the best books around once we mention faith that works. It’s usually a good idea to go through first at least to better understand it. This may absolutely give a deeper knowledge as you produce sermons in the book of James.

What's so good about 'Good Friday'

By: Adrian Pursglove | Apr 22, 2012 Given the events surrounding the very first Good Friday, you may be wondering why this could ever be called 'good'. In this article I am going to explain why the death of Jesus is 'good news' for us all and how your life can be changed forever

An Intercessor

By: Saras Chandra | Apr 20, 2012 An intercessor is an individual who prays for others. That is the simplest yet most comprehensive definition that one could have. The person who is willing to pray for others sometimes states that she/he felt that it was a deep seated desire or a prompting of the Holy Spirit that drew them to times of prayer for others. The individual may pray for family members, communities, elected officials, en

Does Christian Submission Mean Being Controlled?

By: Karla Downing | Apr 19, 2012 Are you looking for Christian marriage help to answer the question: Doesn submission mean being controlled? Whenever a woman tells me she is struggling with submission in her marriage, I suspect a difficult marriage. The question is typically phrased as "Do I have to submit to my husband no matter what he asks me to do or am I allowed to say no?" In difficult marriages, submission is taken literal

How to Be a Good Christian Wife

By: Karla Downing | Apr 19, 2012 Are you looking for guidance on how to be a good Christian wife? If so, here are seven things you simply must do.

6 Scriptural Misbeliefs of Christian Codependency

By: Karla Downing | Apr 14, 2012 The following 6 Scriptural misbeliefs form the basis of Christian codependency. They show how inaccurate Scriptural beliefs contribute to codependent choices. The cure is an accurate understanding of what the Bible says about ourselves and how we are to value ourselves compared to others in relationships. Here are the 6 Scriptural beliefs...

Life Without Knowing

By: Matt Burges | Apr 13, 2012 Sometimes I am going through my regular day and I just stop for a bit and remember when I was in elementary school. I am 31 now and that was a long time ago. It was just so nice not having to worry about anything.

Love yourself More or Others More?

By: hxjqChina | Apr 8, 2012 Now, I don't want to fool anyone... this is not a mushy type romance novel.
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