By: Alice Ken | Mar 28, 2012 Calvin's beliefs can be summed up by the 5 points associated with "Classical" Calvinism. These 5 points generally are: total depravity; unconditional election; limited atonement; irresistible grace; and perseverance of the saints (Congdon). This essay seeks to show that Calvin had a justifiable understanding of how only those who were to enter heaven had the ability to be moral, spiritual and hard

Historical Criticism and the Gospels

By: jackjones | Mar 20, 2012 Christianity is a historical religion in the sense that its claims rest on events that took place in the past.

How Christian Counseling Works

By: Pat Lavazza | Mar 19, 2012 Christian counseling is the marriage of Christian values with current therapeutic techniques. Christian counselors are specifically versed in the teachings of the Bible and how they can be used along with our current understanding of the human psyche.

Pain and Suffering for Christians

By: truthforworship | Mar 18, 2012 This article addresses the problem of Pain and Suffering. People as what is pain? What is suffering? Job experienced a lot of pain. This is my attempt to address this problem of pain and suffering for a Christian.

Respect, Relationships, Blessings & God

By: truthforworship | Mar 18, 2012 This article talks about respecting others and how that creates margin in our relationships. It also is opening ourselves to God for blessing.

The Evidence-Based Church: An Orientation Guide to Enhance Retention

By: Shamim Hin | Mar 18, 2012 An evidence-based church is the practice of using current human resource principles and industrial psychology to enhance retention and decrease turnover. Many modern contemporary churches have an orientation program for church membership. The common thread between these programs includes an opportunity to communicate the purpose and expectations of the church. The culture is introduced to allow new and prospective church members to assimilate towards a unique church experience.
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